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    Has Your Home Energy Bill Skyrocketed? – Replacing Your
    Drafty Old Windows Will Bring It Down to Earth.

Lower Energy Bills Are Up To You – Stop Drafts Around the Windows
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Replacement windows can save you between 10 and 25 percent per year on your
heating and cooling expenses. If your average heating/cooling expenses amount to $250
per month or $3000 per year, you could potentially save $750 per year.

How can you tell if you are throwing money out of your old
windows? There are several
signs telling you that your windows maybe deteriorating. Listed below are some easy tasks
that will help you determine if your
windows need to be replaced:

  • Check for Drafts. Hold a candle in front of the window’s edge. If the flame flickers,
    drafts are coming through the window.
  • If your window frames are rotting, your windows need replacement. Tap the frame
    with a screwdriver to test the softness of the wood. If the tip of the screwdriver  can be
    pushed easily, it is a sign of decay.
  • You should consider replacing your windows if they are NOT energy efficient
  • Are your old windows a hassle? Are you tired of nursing your windows along? if you
    are, it is time to replace your old windows.
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You know that the majority of the households will face higher energy premiums this Summer and
Winter. You can shave off part of the energy increase by taking action. Contact Jamar
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Some of the reasons to use Jamar  Window Replacement Services

  • All our services are guaranteed. It is not just a guarantee, it is our promise to you. We are
    committed to answer any of your concerns within 24 hours.
  • Our qualified personnel will take the take the time to review all the steps of the job. We will
    exceed your expectations in every phase of the job.
  • We have expert personnel with over 20 years experience in the remodeling field.
  • We are members of the Better Business Bureau
  • We are licensed  by the NC Board of General Contractors. Jamar personnel are qualified to
    perform work in residential and commercial properties.
  • We are fully insured – Liability, Workers Comp, and Risk Insurance for large project.
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