Secrets of Painting Vinyl Siding
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The popularity of vinyl siding with new construction started approximately 20 years ago.
Recently, there have been many scientific breakthroughs that made vinyl siding almost
maintenance free.  However, if your vinyl siding home was built more than 20 years ago,  
the vinyl installed at that time did not have the advantages of our  technological era. The
factory finish is most likely faded and looking run down. You know that replacing your vinyl
siding would be too expensive. You are lucky!. There is another way to make your vinyl
siding look like new again –
You can paint it!

  • You can change to a different color and
  • You can regain the fresh, new home look
Before you do any painting over your vinyl siding, talk to a professional. This will give
you an idea of what the cost would be to hire someone to do it for you.
If you decide to paint, you will lose the maintenance free quality of vinyl. You might
need to paint every 10 years.

The secret to painting your vinyl siding lies in the procedure.
  1. Start by cleaning all the dirt and mildew accumulated through the years. The
    siding can be cleaned by hand scrubbing or by power washing it. There are
    many cleaners available at your local hardware store. After cleaning it, it is
    important to rinse it thoroughly. If you skip this step, the paint will not adhere to
    the surface.

     2. You are now ready to paint!
  1. Vinyl siding has a very high coefficient of elasticity. This means that it
    expands or contracts depending on the temperature. This quality makes it
    challenging to paint.
  2. In you want your new painted surface to last a long time, you will need to
    chose a high grade acrylic latex paint.  This paint has extraordinary
    bonding capabilities. It will expand and contract with the vinyl without
  3. A new color scheme can also be used.  However, the new color must be
    lighter than the original color. Each vinyl siding is manufactured to
    resist specific levels of heat. If you chose a darker color, your “new” siding
    will absorb more heat.  This could have some ugly consequences – your
    siding might warp or buckle.
  4. Try not to paint under the direct sunlight if possible. Overcast weather
    produces better results.
3. It is recommended that you apply two coats of paint. Two coats of paint will provide
excellent adhesion and the flexibility needed on vinyl siding. It will also resist
peeling and fading.

If you follow this procedure, your home will look like new again and your painting job will
last approximately 10 years. In addition, you will have literally saved  thousands of
dollars avoiding a new vinyl siding job – Enjoy!
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