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Roof Shingles -
A Comparison of 3 Tab Shingles Vs Architectural Shingles.
These days, people are using state-of-the-art roofing shingles and the skills of roofing contractors
to protect their biggest investments - their homes
. People would prefer to spend a little more money
on more advanced roofing shingles to get a better product; and this is a win-win situation for them and for
the roofing contractors who do the work. At one time, the only real choice in shingles was merely what is
known as the three-tab shingle. Bland, it lacked all character.
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What are the price differences? Architectural shingles are priced anywhere from 20% to 40% higher
than the 3-tab shingles. Since this kind of work is usually done on the roofs of larger homes, this could
mean spending $1000 to $1500 more for the architectural shingles than if you just went with the 3-tabs.

What are the advantage of the architectural shingles over the 3-tab shingles? There are plenty of
them. These shingles, which are also known as dimensional or laminated shingles, give the roof a
flatter, more even appearance, and as mentioned above they give a roof much more in the way of
creativity and character. They can appear shimmering and multi-colored, might take on the appearance
of slate or woodgrains or ceramic, and definitely make a home more beautiful. You have more choices
than you do with 3-tab shingles, meaning you can give your home more of a customized look that fits
your personality and distinguishes the house.

They have a heavier, sturdier construction, so that they don't need any additional support under the
roof--which means that, ultimately, they are lighter than the tabbed shingles. This heavier construction
also makes them more able to withstand extreme weather conditions, as they are resistant even to
things like hail storms that can cause serious roof damage, and certain ones are designed to withstand
winds of up to 120 mph. A mat base made from fiberglass or organic materials plus some asphalt and
a specialized coating, and a granulated covering on the top side, are what make these shingles so
strong as well as more pleasing to the eye.
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3 Tab - Regular Shingles
Architectural Shingles
What are the price differences?
3 tab shingles average bundle price
is $21.00
Architectural shingles average
bundle price is $24.00. The price
can be 20% to 40% higher than 3
tab shingles.
What are the manufacturer's
25 years is the most common
40 to 50 years are the common
warranties. It depends on the
heaviness of construction.
What are the advantages?
  • Cheaper
  • Easier to install
  • More Aesthetically pleasing
  • Able to withstand extreme
  • Resistant to hail storms
  • Large variety of colors
  • Higher resistance to fire
What are the top brands?
Atlas, GAF, Corning, Certain Teed,
Tamko, Elk
Atlas, GAF, Corning, Certain Teed,
Tamko, Elk
Architectural vs 3 tab shingles?
But with today's "architectural" shingle, you have something more exciting, more creative, and
with more character.
And, if you go to sell your home, this will certainly bring you more money. Yet,
quite often people don't realize that they have all these choices nowadays. Roofing contractors can
distinguish themselves by pro-actively showing them the array of choices they have in shingles for their
homes' roofs today, and this is great for the homeowner and great for the contractor's business.
Architectural Shingles have many advantages
Some of the top brands in architectural shingles include: GAF; CertainTeed; Tamko; Elk; and
Owens Corning.

What are the warranties? The warranties on these shingles vary, depending on the type and the
heaviness of construction, as some are a little heavier than others. Generally speaking, these
shingles are designed to last for 40 years, and warranties will range anywhere from 20 to even 50
years. However, some roofing contractors warn that these warranties might be more of a marketing
technique than a realistic reflection of just how much wind and weathering even these top quality
shingles can really take if put to some extreme tests, and there have been homeowners who have
complained that it's too difficult to qualify for warranty protection.

Sometimes these warranties are offered to give a stronger impression that the shingles comply
with stricter, more modern building codes, too
. But, there are manufacturers who have their shingles
tested by the independent Underwriters Laboratory and base their warranties on the lab's seal of
approval. Shingles that are labeled as complying with ASTM D-3462 or ASTM D-225 are the ones
you should get.

So, whether you're a roofing contractor or a homeowner, I hope you're now more knowledgeable
about the shingles available for your roofing jobs.
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