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Has Your Roof Been Damaged By The Recent Inclement Weather?
Get Rid Of Your Leaky Roofing Shingles Once and For All.
Get A Free Roof Inspection From A Roofing Contractor..
Call us before wind and torrential rains cause greater damage to
roof and your home.  Jamar Properties wants to be your
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form and a
roofing specialist will contact you within 24 hours
It is estimated that over 200,000 roofs in North Carolina were damaged by the recent hail
and wind storms.

Your property may have received damaged from one of the many hail and wind storms that
passed through this area. It is critically important to have your
roof inspected by a trained
roofing contractor to assure that any damaged is identified and repaired.

How do you know if your roof has been damaged or needs repair?. Look for some of the
following defects:

    Water stains in the ceiling
    Lifted, cracked, or broken roofing shingles
    Warped or sagging roofs
    • Exposed flashing at the roof joints
    Algae growth
    • Water stain on the attic frame

When your home has suffered from weather related damage: hail, wind, rain, or ice, you
need to call the roofing experts for a free roofing damage evaluation and estimate.
Repair Roofing Problems Early
Protect Your Home From The
Inclement Weather - Get Your
Roof Inspected
Damaged roof - Get your roof inspected avoid greater damage...     
If your roof shows some of the symptoms mentions above, you may need your
roof replaced. A trusted
roofing contractor can give you an accurate inspection
and let you know if you need a new roof.

Remember - Don’t trust just biggest asset to just any contractor. Jamar
Properties is fully licensed in the state of NC to perform
roofing work.
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Damaged Roofing Shingles
Roof Damaged by the weather
Roofing shingles damaged by the weather