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IN THESE days of rising costs, many people are looking for ways to
. It is not genuine economy to neglect upkeep and let your property
get run down. You might save money by doing some of the work yourself For
example, have you thought about doing some of your own house painting? It is
not hard.

Furthermore, there is real satisfaction in doing things with your own hands,
especially when the results are good
. These painting tips will help you get it
right the first time. Keep reading to unlock the secrets of a practically perfect
paint job.

The secret of successful decorating is good preparation! Have you noticed
how long professional painters take to prepare surfaces for painting, in
comparison with the time it actually takes to do the job? If you are doing it
yourself, do not skimp on time and effort when getting ready.
A Rookie Painter
Rookie Painter
Enjoy these powerful painting Tips:

  • Good Prep Makes the Job Easier. Giving dingy walls a fresh coat of
    paint spruces up your living space. But if you paint over dust, grime, and
    other dirt you will not like the result. If you do a thorough job prepping to
    paint, the project will go quickly and smoothly. The most important prep
    steps are:

  • Wash and wipe down the surfaces
  • Make small repairs as needed
  • Tape off baseboards
  • Protect floors and furniture
  • Tape off doors and window frames

  • Take Time to Tape. Taking the time to tape might seem like
    unnecessary delay, but it is essential. Use blue painter’s tape around
    anything you want to protect from paint – baseboards, ceilings, window
    and door frames, remove electrical outlet covers.

  • Cut the corners, doors, windows and ceiling line. Beginning at a
    corner, cut and paint a 2 to 3 inch trim brush. Cut in only as much area as
    you will be able to roll. Brush on paint at the line where the wall and
    ceiling meet. You can tape off the ceiling or you can carefully brush on
    paint at the ceiling line, if you have a steady hand.

  • Use Primer. Primer seals stains and gives you a clean surface on which
    to paint. Remember if your walls are stained or if you are painting a
    lighter color, primer is a must.

  • Use the Best Tools You Can Afford. House painting is easier when
    you use quality brushes and rollers. You do not have to be concerned
    about bristles sticking to the wall. Sometimes a bad paint job has nothing
    to do with the painter but everything to do with bad quality tools.
Wise Painter
Cans of Paint
A wise painter prepares before starting any project
  • Take Care of Your Brush. Your brush will be a pleasure to use as long as you pay
    attention to proper loading, cleaning, and storing recommendations:

  • Shaping and Storing your brush. Wash the brush with soap and water, shape the
    bristles, and let them dry. Then wrap the brush in the cardboard cover it was sold.
    The bristles should be held in shape but no squeezed.
  • Loading the brush. Dip the brush into the paint only one third the length of the
    bristles. If you go deeper, you will waste paint and make a mess.

  • Control the moisture: Most of the paint problems are the results of moisture attacking
    from underneath the paint. The solution is adequate ventilation.

  • Handling Interruptions: If your work gets interrupted for an hour or less, leave the
    brush in the paint. Position the brush so that the paint covers the tip of the bristles only.
    For longer interruptions, wrap the brush in a brush in a foil or plastic.

  • Keep a rag around: carry a clean, damp rag in your back pocket. The moment you
    brush beyond the area that should receive paint, wipe the excess paint off with the rag.

When you have finished painting for the day, what will you do? It is wise to remove all
paint spots before they dry too hard. Also, clean the roller and brush. As you do your work,
exercise care. If you are not in too much of a hurry, you should be able to do a presentable
And not only will you save on expenses but, more importantly, you will have the
satisfaction of accomplishment, having something beautiful and enduring to show for your