Are you looking for a way enhance your home's curb appeal?, Are you
looking for an easy way to transform the interior look of your home?  
House Painting can go a long way improving the value and
appearance of your home.

  • It is affordable. - Over the long run house painting can be
    very cost effective. It is one of the best investments you can
    make if you want to add resale value to your home.

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Save Hundreds Painting Your Home

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Now that you know some of the benefits of house painting, Jamar Properties wants to be your painting
contractor of choice. Our experienced personnel will guide you and assist you with the following items:

Get several estimates then request a free house painting estimate from Jamar. You will be amazed at
the difference.

We are licensed by the NC Board of General Contractors. All our work is 100% guaranteed
Have you walked into a home, taken a look at the paint on the walls, and wandered, “How
did they do such a great
painting job?” Now you can enjoy the same quality house painting
job at a great price.

How do you know if your house needs a new paint job? If it has any of the following issues:

  • The paint on the interior or exterior is peeling.
  • Your walls have small holes and cracks
  • You are able to see how the paint on your walls has been losing its natural color
    or luster. It is fading due to age
  • Your neighbor’s children have scribbled on your walls
  • You have unsightly water stains.
  • You have grown tired and want to change to a new more attractive colors
  • If you have outdated wallpaper

If you have decided to paint your home, the success of your project will depend greatly on
the care that goes selecting your house painter and the wall paint. Our house painters will
help you with the following items:

  • Select the color and type of paint that is appropriate for your home.
  • Your paint job is only as good as the prep work on your walls. Our trained
    personnel will fix all the dings, dents, and other wall flaws.
  • Your Home will be painted in a week or less.

THERE is something very satisfying about the effect of a fresh coat of paint. In a room that
looks dingy or faded, a splash of color can make all the difference. Would you like to
brighten up a room or  your home? Call Jamar Painting Services - 704-796-1437
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