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Many people choose to hire a painting contractor instead of doing the work
Painting your own home is not something everyone can do.  Most
people simply do not have the ability or time to do the job right.
 This leads to
choosing a painting contractor.  It is important to choose a good painting
contractor so that you can ensure the job will be done professionally.
Key Points of a Good Painting Contractor.

Painting contractors are not all the same.  You have to understand that
painting a house is a complex job that not every painter can undertake.  You
want your home to look good when the job is finished and that means you need
to learn the key things to look for in painting contractors.

Key points to consider:

  • attention to detail
  • ability to handle different types of jobs
  • sticks to schedule
  • friendly and easy to work with
A good painting contractor will show great attention to detail.  When
painting a house details are important.  You want someone who will cut in
areas cleanly, handle trim with delicacy, and respect the surrounding areas
enough to keep them clean and avoid getting painting all over.

Someone who has experience with different types of painting jobs will have
well rounded skills, which translate into the type of skills you need in a painting
Experience is the key to a good paint job.

Painting is time consuming, but that does not mean it should drag on and on.  
You want a painter who can stick to a schedule and stay on task.

Since the paint job will take a while to complete you will be around the
contractor a lot.  It is important that you feel you can develop a good working
relationship with your contractor so that there is no stress or tension between

Now that you know what to look for in painting contractor, it is now time to
learn how to find the right contractor for your job.

Start your Search with Reliable Resources
There are many ways you can get names of painting contractors, but the best
places are sources you can trust.  You want to find a good contractor and a
trusted source will help you do that easily and fast.
  • Better Business Bureau: The BBB keeps records about each company,
    which include consumer complaints.  You can easily spot a contractor
    who may not be right from the information you get from the BBB.
  • Referrals: You can ask friends and family if they know of a good painting
  • Be proactive: If you spot a recently painted house and like the work then
    simply stop and inquire about who did the work.  You can find some
    great contractors through this method because you know firsthand about
    the quality of their work.
  • Local paint store: Many painting contractors will buy supplies from the
    local paint store.  
  • Online: You can search the term ‘painting contractor’ and find a nice
    selection of contractors.  You may even find reviews of different
    contractors written by customers, which can be really helpful in
    determining if the contractor is right for you.

Once you have some contractors in mind it is time to meet with them and start
getting bids.
Choosing the right painting contractors will result in a superb job
Learn To Choose your Painting Contractors
Painting Contractors - New Construction
A professional painting contractor
Meet with the Painting Contractors:
You should aim to get 3 bids. This will give you options without overwhelming
you.  During the meeting, you should cover some important topics:

  • Ask for documentation for training certificates, degrees, licenses, and
    insurance coverage.  You should try to get copies so you can check
    them out later.
  • Get a portfolio of their work.  Look over the portfolio with the contractor.  
    Do not be afraid to ask questions.  Look at everything about the jobs
    they have done.  Check for houses similar to yours and be sure to check
    out the workspace for cleanliness.
  • Get references.  Do not be afraid to ask for references.  A good
    contractor will not hesitate to provide you with references who can attest
    to their work performance.

If you have been pleased with the contractor, you can go through the project.  
Make sure you have all the details to provide them.  You should explain the
job, the size of the house, any special details and talk about the colors you
would like.  

Get a written bid and warranty, if offered.  Thank the contractor for their
time and let them know when to expect to hear from you.  

After meeting with all your chosen contractors, you can review the bids and
make your decision.  Compare the offers and go over all the information.  
Choose the contractor that suits your needs the best.

Once you make your choice you will meet with the contractor again to finalize
the contract and get started on the project.  
If you followed all the advice then
you should end up with a great contractor who does a superb job.
Choose a painting contractor who meets your needs
Choose the best painting contractor