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IWith thousands of options available, choosing the correct paint color can be
overwhelming. However, if you make a mistake, it is not a big deal. If you think
you selected the wrong color, just paint over it.

When you get ready to select the paint color, it will be necessary to review the
following color dimensions: hue, value, intensity, and temperature. By combining
these color qualities, you can create many different shades and colors until you
find something that suits you. For your painting project, you will also need to
consider the type of room, are you painting exterior or interior ?. We will take a
look at these paint qualities individually.
Hue or Color
Choosing the correct hue(also known as color) is probably one of the most
difficult things you have to do when painting. When painting the interior of your
house you might want to start off  by choosing your favorite color. You could
also pick a piece of furniture and get color ideas from that. If you still aren’t
sure about what color of paint to choose, try out paint samples. If you are
painting the exterior of your house you might want to choose a color your
neighbors have.
Value refers to how light or how dark a color is. Along with color this is quite
difficult to pick. The best way to choose is to choose what type of room you be
smart to choose a light color. In living rooms you might want to choose a
darker color.

Temperature refers to how someone sees a color as warm or cool. Warm
colors like red, orange, and yellow or cool colors like blue, green, and purple
can help set the mood. Red will give you a warm, cozy feeling. While yellow
usually is a playful color. Blue can give you a relaxed feeling along with green.
Choosing temperature is important when deciding what type of room you want
to paint. Children rooms might be better as a yellow or light green. Yet red
might be better for a family room.
To make your room seem warm and inviting, you might want to use a warm
neutral paint colors.

Intensity refers to how bright or dull a color is. Some people get confused with
intensity and value. Brown is a dull color and yellow is a bright color. A color
intensity changes with value. A dark green is a dull color and light green is
bright color. Dull hues are usually use as a main color and bright hues as a
side color.

With all these tips and recommendations you can choose the correct
colors for your home. If you are still unsure about what to do consult a
paint professional.
Choose the correct paint colors
Choosing the right colors make this room more inviting
paint colors are affected by the lighting
Paint colors are affected
the lighting
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