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Repainting a room can be one of the easiest ways to quickly improve the
appeal of the room
. Paint can erase the impression made by stains, cracks,
and old faded paint.
But to paint a room, you need to know how much you
. Running back and forth to the home-improvement store multiple times to
buy more paint just isn’t an option. If you get your measure-tape out and do
some calculations before you buy your paint, you will save yourself a lot of
multiply it by the height (in feet) of the room. One gallon of paint will generally
cover about 350 square feet.
So, once you figure out how many square feet of
wall your room has, you can divide it by 350. If you are painting the ceiling,
multiply the length of it by the width, and then divide by 350.
Then you will know
how many gallons of paint you require.

When you have a number, generally you can round it to the nearest
. If you discover you need 4.6 gallons, go ahead and get 5 gallons. Buying
paint in larger containers is almost always more economical, so keep this in
mind. Also, there is nothing wrong with having a little paint left over. This way, if
you need to touch up the room at a later time, you already have the right color.

There are things that will change this formula though.
If you are painting over
new drywall, you will likely have to use more paint.
To cut down on the
amount of paint the drywall absorbs, be sure to use a drywall primer. This will
keep the paint from seeping into the drywall, and will also give the paint a good
base to stick to.

Another thing to keep in mind is that even with new paint going over
, two coats usually look better than one. Planning on two coats will ensure
you a better finished product. The number of coats may vary, depending on what
you are painting over as well.
A Professional Painter
Determine how much paint you will need for
your project
painter using primer
Use primer for better results
Something many people do not realize is that light colored paint is nice and thick, so
even if you are painting over a dark color, it should only take a couple coats.
and try to put it directly over a light wall, you could be looking at half-a-dozen coats or so. If
this is your plan, ask about tinted primers. A tinted primer will cover the wall better, and will
hold the coat of paint better, not allowing the light color to show through.

Painting a room allows you to put your personal stamp on it. With paint, you can show
your personality in subtle, or not so subtle ways. Knowing how to calculate the amount of
paint you need is the first step in completing a satisfactory paint job with the least amount of
hassle possible
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