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  • How do I choose the correct paint for my house?
  • What type of paint should I use for the exterior of my house?
  • What type of paint should I use for the interior of my house?
  • What is gloss?
  • How do I prepare a surface before painting?
  • How do I paint wooden cabinets and paneling?
  • Should I use latex or oil-based paint?
  • Does paint expire?
  • How much paint do I need for a room?
  • Can weather conditions effect me while painting the exterior of my house?
  • How should I store or dispose of unused paint?
  • How do I  get rid of paint odor?
  • How should I paint?
Q: How do I choose the correct paint for my house?

A: It may be a long and hard process when choosing paint but the results are
worth it. When choosing paint color for your house you have to consider color,
value, intensity, and temperature. By combining these items you can create
many colors and shades until you find something that suits you. Try starting with
some of your favorite colors and go on from there. You also have to think about if
you are going to use oil or latex paint. Gloss is also important to consider.

Q: What type of paint should I use for the exterior of my house?

A: When choosing paint for the exterior for your house try picking a long lasting
kind of paint, so you don’t have to do this task often. The best colors to work with
are dark colors such as gray, brown, or beige because they do not fade quickly
as some other colors. White is also a good color to work with. Pure colors such
as red and yellow are very bad choices because they are hard to maintain and
require many coats of paint. Latex is paint is a good choice because it dries
much quicker than oil. It is also smart to keep track of the weather before

Q: What type of paint should I use for the interior of my house?

A: Interior painting is very important because paint can set the mood of that
room. Try to find paint that will compliment your furniture and flooring. If you have
a certain piece of furniture that you really like, try using those colors for paint
ideas. You also have to choose latex or oil paint. Also consider gloss factor
while painting. If you are still unsure about which colors you should use, try out
paint samples to see what you like.

Q: What is gloss?    

A: Gloss(also called sheen)  refers to how much light reflects off a surface. Gloss
comes in different types. The main five types are flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss,
and high gloss. Flat has the least sheen, yet it hides surface imperfections the
best. Eggshell and satin are about the same and is useful in most places. Semi-
gloss is best used in children rooms and bathrooms. High gloss provides the
highest sheen yet doesn’t hide surface imperfections.
Q: How do I prepare a surface before painting?

A: First remove all nail holes and cracks. Next sand any rough areas to
smoothen it out. Then clean up dirt and grease stains with warm water or a
light detergent with a rag or a sponge. Then prime the surface.

Q: How do I paint wooden cabinets and paneling?

A: First you have to sand the surface of the cabinets, then prepare the
surface. Next apply a coat of latex or oil paint, then allow to dry. After that put
on another coat of paint with satin, semi, or high gloss. Then allow to dry.

Q: Should I use latex or oil-based paints?

A: You have to look at the advantages and disadvantages of latex and oil
paints to choose which one is right for you. Latex paint will dry faster than oil
based paint yet it can stain easier. Oil paint will hide stains better but the
colors will fade faster than latex paint. Consult a paint professional before
making a final decision.

Q: Does paint expire?

A: After a long period of time paint can expire. An unopened can of paint
can last about two years if stored properly.

A: First you have to measure the room you are painting in square feet.  An average
paint can will cover about 350 to 400 square feet. Use this information to then decide
how much paint you need.

Q: Can weather conditions effect me when painting the exterior of my house?

A: When painting outside the temperature must be over 50 degrees but lower than
90 degrees for a and stay that way for 24 hours so it can dry properly. Of course rain
could also effect the paint but you also shouldn’t paint when it is too humid outside. It
also isn’t smart to paint when it is windy. Wind can pick up dirt and debris and launch
it into the paint. Look at a weather forecast before painting the exterior of your house.

Q: How should I store or dispose of  unused paint?

A:  First properly close the unused paint cans. You should store unused paint in cool,
dry areas. Try to avoid storing paint in places that have excessive heat. Also paint
shouldn’t be frozen and stored. You should never pour paint down a drain or just
throw it out. Store or take it to a proper recycling plant within your community.

Q: How do I get rid of paint odor?

A: Ventilation is the best way to get rid of paint odor. Paint odor can stick to furniture
and drapes and give it a bad odor. Try to remove these items while painting. Also
keep in mind that oil paint is said to smell worse than latex.

Q: How should I paint?

A: The best way to paint is in a V motion. Make long strokes diagonally then fill in the
space between.
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