An Introduction to Decorative Painting  
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Pause for a moment for a moment before you select the proper decorative
painting technique for your project. What effect are you trying to accomplish?.
There is a multitude of decorative painting techniques that have come onto the
market in recent years. From the simplicity of a stencil border to the grand effect
of a granite wall, the choices for decorative painting ideas are virtually endless.

Pattern is making a big comeback in the design and decoration of our homes.
We are no longer content with just plain  walls, but seek character and depth that
patterned surfaces create

If you are looking to give life to old bureau or add color and interest to a child’s
room, you have choices abounding in providing your own artistic flair to your
home. Many of the decorative painting techniques that are used today originated
in Europe, where furnishings were adorned with faux marble and wood-tone
effects. Now it has become simple to add old-world techniques to modern-day
Decorative Painting is Cost-Effective

f you have shopped for wallpaper recently, you have probably found that covering a
room in high-quality wallpaper is far from inexpensive. There are also special tools
and pastes that are necessary to complete a project like this.

The good news is that with a can or two of paint and some inexpensive tools, you
can often create your own personalized wallpaper effect in a room. By using stencils
or stamps, you can give a wall a creative pattern with customized colors that blend
beautifully with your décor. In a living or dining room, you can add an elegant stencil
that can give a European flair to your dress-up spaces.

For a touch of whimsy in a child’s room, you can create a mural using an overhead
projector and picture as a template. Simply trace the chosen drawing on the wall,
and then it is merely a matter of paint-by-number!

Some companies even offer patterns for designs and pictures that can be painted
directly to your wall surface. If the idea of a mural intimidates you, there are many fun
stamps that can be used to apply images to your walls as well. From flowers and
butterflies for little girls to bugs and lizards for the youngest males in your household,
you are guaranteed to find the perfect stamp to add a decorative painting touch to
any room in your house.
Decorative Painting can Really be Used Anywhere

Well, almost anywhere. From furniture to accessories, and walls to ceilings, there are very few
surfaces that cannot be accented with decorative painting techniques. Even kitchen cabinets
can sport stenciled borders or stamped patterns.

The key to adding decorative painting is making sure that you have a good smooth base coat
in place to act as your canvas. If you are unsure how to get started with a decorative painting
project, your local craft store can supply you with endless ideas and plenty of good advice on
where to begin and what to paint. For a first-time painter, you can get your painting feet wet
with a small project like a picture frame or a jewelry box. Once you gain some confidence you
can move on to furniture projects and wall adornments.

The sky is the limit when it comes to your personal creativity. Awaken the inner artist inside by
diving into a decorative painting project today!
Add life painting an old bureau
Decorative Painting Techniques will add life to this cabinet
Decorative Painting used on old bureau

The basic principles in preparing any surface are:
  • Ensure that the surface is clean and free
    from grease, dirt, and dust.
  • Remove loose or flaking finishes.
  • Fill any holes or cracks.
  • sand the surface to level any filler.
  • Wipe down the surface to remove dust.
  • Seal as necessary
  • Prime or undercoat.
  • Apply base coat.
Decorative Painting Techniques for Cabinets