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It is not only the color of the paint but also type of paint as well as gloss factor
that need to be taken into consideration when
house painting. Latex as well as
oil base paint are most commonly used terms when
house painting. However,
many brands of latex may be non-latex or artificial-latex but it is not very bad as
there are continuous improvements being made in synthetic materials that
perform just like latex. In addition, one may need to consider overall
appearance, ease of use and serviceability when selecting the gloss.
Choosing the correct paint
House painting includes procedures for the interiors, the exteriors as well as
techniques for painting paneled doors. It is also important to learn how to correct
all the wall imperfections. For instance, you might want to learn how to fix small
drywall holes. You may have to prepare before undertaking the actual painting.

Having assessed the situation, one would require getting the right materials for
house painting project. This would include sandpaper, latex caulk,
spackling compound and masking tape to name a few items necessary for the
interior work.

I have obtained better results with latex paint in light colors. Latex paint in whites
and creams will cover better than oil based paint in white or cream. Oil based
paint will work better when you choose dark colors for your walls.

Oil based paints will resist scrubbing better that latex paints. Consider this factor
when you have children.
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Additional hints before starting your house paint project:

Before starting your house painting project, you should move as much furniture as
possible to another room. For large and difficult to move pieces of furniture, you may
want to move them to the center of the room and cover them with plastic drop cloths.
Also, take down pictures as well as curtains and cover the floors with drop cloths.

One last tip, you local hardware store should be able to provide you with some
advice to help you select the best paint and color for your needs...

You might be thinking that all these painting tips are just plain common sense.
However, you will be very surprised to know how many people fail to follow them.
Learn how to choose the correct paint