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If you are lamenting the fact that your kitchen or bathroom cabinets have lost
their luster, consider
cabinet painting as a way to bring a new look to an old
standby. Painting can be a cheap alternative to cabinet replacement, and can
bring a dull room back to life when done properly. The key to quality
is often in the preparation.

First, you will want to inspect your cabinets carefully for durability before putting
in the time and effort for painting. If your cabinets are simply wearing out,
replacement might be the only good option. On the other hand, if your wear is
mostly aesthetic in nature a fresh coat of paint might do wonders.
Preparation for Cabinet Painting 101

Before removing the cabinet doors for cabinet painting, mark each door so that
you know which cabinet it belongs to. You might think you will remember
placement after painting is complete, but those doors can look much more
similar when they are laid out on your garage floor! Make a mark in an
inconspicuous place, and then remove doors and hardware.

Sand your cabinets and doors well before painting, first with a coarse
sandpaper, and then with a finer paper that will smooth the surface for painting.
Wash your surfaces well and allow them to dry completely before applying any
paint. Fill all holes with wood putty, and make sure that all nicks have been
thoroughly sanded out.

Cabinet painting should begin with a primer that will cover the old shade and
offer a smoother surface for your color of choice. In most instances one coat of
primer will be sufficient. Follow that coat with one last light sanding, and wipe off
surfaces with a clean, dry tack cloth.
Cabinet Painting example
The Rewards are Coming

Once your preparation steps are complete, you are finally ready to head for the big
reward at the end – watching your color come to life on your painted cabinet surfaces.
A good rule of thumb is to purchase the best paint that you can afford. Often with
cabinet painting, the quality is indeed in the price of the paint. It is hard to know how
many coats of paint your cabinets will require until you begin applying it. Depending on
the color you are applying and the original shade that you are covering, you may need
anywhere from one to three coats.

After your paint has dried, it is worth investing in some good quality hardware for your
cabinet painting. The selections are abundant, with chrome and brushed nickel being
the materials of choice for many homeowners. If you decide to go with novelty pulls
such as apples or chili peppers, use the decorative accents sparingly for best results.  
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Painted Cabinets
Cabinet Painting
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