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Safety is a major concern that needs to be dealt adequately when performing
house painting tasks. There is a certain degree of incidental risk involved with
the process of painting a house. You could fall off a ladder or stage. You must
also keep in mind the safety of your children. Painting materials may be
extremely poisonous and therefore one cannot be too careful in using and
storing these items.
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Health of a person is another cause for concern and paint can present a health
hazard, if used improperly. Because excessive paint fumes can make you feel
dizzy, make sure that the room you are painting is well ventilated. In addition,
some of the materials used in house painting may be highly inflammable and
should be kept away from open flames or sources of heat. Also, be aware of
potential electrical shock, when removing the wall plates. Finally, use gloves and
goggles while house painting.
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