How To Choose Your Landscaping Plants
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Even if you are not a gardener, a good portion of your landscape involves living plants in some
fashion. Plants, trees and shrubs are structural elements of a landscape and planting them is an
integral part of your project. How do you choose the best landscaping plants for your yard? A visit to
your local garden center will reveal to you that there are many choices, so you need some advice
when it comes to choosing the right landscaping plants.

Before you start buying your landscaping plants, it is important to have a clear vision of your
landscaping goal. Define what you want to accomplish with your new landscaped yard – privacy or a
place to enjoy nature. You will also need to think about what the plants will do for you.

If you do your strategic landscaping, you will be able to define outdoor spaces, attract wild life and
provide privacy. Best of all, you will have a beautiful landscaped yard with plants that fit your backyard.
One easy way to start is to learn the conditions about each part of your yard. Once you know the areas
of your landscape, you will be able to choose plants that will thrive in each area.
Choose the correct landscaping plants
Choose the correct landscaping plants for your garden
Consider the following landscaping plants and elements:
  • Flowers and colorful foliage
  • Fruit trees
  • Living Screens for privacy – hedges and shrubs
  • Pathways for necessary home and garden maintenance

About Landscaping Plants

Planting trees and shrubs: They not only provide ornament but form the wall and ceiling of your out
door landscaped area. It is critical to take care when planting a tree. A large sized tree may be one
of the most expensive features of your landscape, but the result of poor planting can take years to
become evident. Trees can grow quickly and shade out lawns and sun loving plants. Falling limbs
from large trees can damage structures and power lines
Select the correct planst for your climate
Select the correct plants for
your climate
Select the correct plants for
your climate
Plating Hedges: A hedge creates a natural landscape wall, offering privacy as well as beauty. Shrubs fall into two
categories: fast growing and steady growing. A second option, if you want your landscaping plants to provide
privacy, is to use an ivy vine. If you are unfamiliar with the ivy vine, you have probably seen it in movies or in quaint
cottage depictions. This vine is quite hardy and requires only a fence or the side of a house to climb up of.
However, you might want to keep this in mind that the ivy will eventually completely cover over the area that it is
placed upon.

Flowers: If you would rather use flowers as landscaping plants, you have to consider the overall climate, light and
soil in which you live. Find out which plants thrive in shady and sunny spaces. For instance, shade loving plants will
suffer in you plant them in sunny areas. Before planting in sunny areas, find out which plants will tolerate the sun and
drought conditions. Tropical flowers that you see in your garden store can only be placed outside if the climate is
temperate throughout the year. Otherwise, they are meant as indoor plants.

Achieving the right combination of landscaping plants will give you your ideal yard retreat.