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  •        Are you spending too much time cleaning your rugs?
  •        Does the dust keep accumulating under the rugs?.
  •        Is the accumulated dust causing you to suffer from allergies?
  •        Is your old rug holding on to all the smells since it was installed?
  •        Are you having difficulties removing your pet’s hair from the rugs?

Jamar Remodeling has the solution to these issues: Perhaps the economic pressures of
today’s world have prevented you from getting the benefits of a beautiful
ceramic tile floor
or perhaps, you did not realize all the benefits that you will derive when you install a new
ceramic floor.

In the past, installing a new
ceramic tile floor was very expensive. Now Jamar Remodeling
can help. Our  personnel will help you select the best and most economical options for your
budget. These are some of the benefits you can obtain when you install flooring tiles:

  •        Your new Ceramic Tiles floors will be the most durable floors you ever had.
           A ceramic tile floor will outperform and outlast any other floor covering
           product created.                

  •        Your new flooring tiles will withstand heavy foot traffic due to their resistance
            to abrasion and to thread wear.

  •        Your new ceramic tile floor will be easy to clean. They are recommended  
            for  all areas where high sanitary standards are a must.

  •        Your ceramic tiles floor will be stain resistance and will be easy to maintain.

  •        Your new ceramic tiles floor will be  fire proof. They do not burn or give
           off toxic fumes

  •        Your new ceramic tile floor will be moisture resistant. Water will not get  
           under the tiles.

Ceramic Tiles - The Ultimate Flooring Solution

"Can You Benefit From A Ceramic Tile Floor?"

"Since I installed
new ceramic  
floors....., my
floors are really
easy to clean”
Mari, Concord, NC

I used to
procrastinate every
time I had to vacuum
my floor. Now, it’s
easy to clean. My
new ceramic floor
really made a
”E. Abreu, Concord,
Enjoy A Ceramic Tile Floor
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Address: 229 Patrick Avenue, Concord, NC 28025
Now that we know the benefits of having a ceramic floor, it is time to decide who will do the
job. Jamar Properties wants to be your installer of choice. We believe we have made it
easier to replace your floors with our lower introductory prices.
Our ceramic Tile
Installations start at $3.49 per square foot
. In addition to our lower prices, we offer these

  •        We have expert personnel with over 20 years experience installing ceramic tile.
  •        Our qualified personnel will take the take the time to review all the steps of the
           job. We will explain to you what to expect in every phase of the job.
  •        Our Introductory prices are the best in the Charlotte – Concord region.
  •        We are licensed  by the NC Board of General Contractors. Jamar personnel
           are qualified to perform work in residential and commercial properties.
  •        We can take care of all your ceramic needs – kitchens, bathrooms, etc.
  •        We are fully insured.


As you think about the benefits of having a
ceramic tile floor, you begin to realize that you
only have one choice to make, and that is to contact Jamar Remodeling Services for
information. We will contact you and make an appointment to review your ceramic tile
A Beatiful Ceramic Tile Floor
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