Wood Deck Maintenance
Can your Wood Deck pass this test?
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Sun, snow, ice and cold can cause havoc with your  wood deck. It only takes about a year
for the environmental factors to overcome your deck’s resistance. It will have the following
effect: faded wood, rotten boards, etc. Your unattractive deck will also affect you. Where
you once enjoyed barbecuing, relaxing, and family gatherings, you now dread.
Let’s identify the environmental factors that will attack you deck:

    • Cold…
    • Snow…
    • Ice…
    • Rain…
    • Sun…
    • Dirt
Picture of a Wooden Deck Attacked by the Elements
How can you minimize the effects of the elements on your wood deck? The easiest way is
to maintain your deck. You need to perform certain tasks at regular intervals. The
following program will keep your desk looking great for as long as you own your house:

1.        Examine your wood deck once per year. In this step, you are looking for damaged
boards and loose nails. If you find any problems, you will need to remove and replace any
rotten or damaged boards. If nails were used to fasten the boards, you will need a small
nail puller or hammer to remove the nails. Check the deck structure looking for any issues
with the foundation.
2.        Clean up the Wood Deck once per year: Keep you deck clean. Make sure that you
remove the dirt or debris from the deck. These items get caught between the boards
causing water and moisture to get trapped.  Remove this debris with a garden hose. Any
reminder dirt needs to be pushed down with a knife. Cleaning you deck should be done at
least once per year.
Wash your Deck with a mild detergent of a deck cleaner. Make sure to rinse your deck

3.        Seal your Wood Deck every two years – Perform the Water test. You will need to seal
your Deck if your it fails the following test. “Pour a glass of water on your deck. If your deck
absorbs the water, it failed the test”. If on the other hand, the water forms beads and are
NOT absorbed, your deck is still in good shape.

• Select a sealant or deck stain
• Make sure that your deck is dry
• Your sealant must be for outdoor quality
• If you want to avoid your deck turning gray, you will need to protect it from the ultra
violet, UV, radiation from the sun. Some expensive finishes already have the UV
• Seal your wood deck. Remember that a good finish will repeal the water while
remaining flexible, so as not to crack.
• Let the sealant dry. Apply a second or a third coat to increase the protection against
the elements.
• Notice that paint can also be applied to your deck. However, it will not  provide the
same degree of protection.

If you provide the annual maintenance as described in this article, your wood Deck will last
for  thirty years or more. ENJOY your DECK
Check for protruding nails
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