Wood Deck Safety
How to prevent your wood deck from collapsing
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The headline in the local newspaper read “Wood Deck collapses!.. several
people hurt”.

This sad headline demonstrates the need to have your deck inspected and the need for  
proper maintenance. There can be multiple reasons for a deck to fail. Some of the main
reasons are the age of the deck, poor maintenance, exceeding load capacity to improper
building methods. Deck failures can be avoided.

A simple annual inspection coupled with the proper maintenance can help you
prevent accidents and it will keep your wood deck a safe place for your family and
friends to enjoy.
Start by Inspecting your wood deck.. Most of the decks are built using pressure
treated wood that is very resistant to rot. If your deck was built with untreated wood, the
risk of rotting is even greater. Check all your structural supports and surface boards.
Look for rotting, cracking,  In addition, you will need to examine your deck looking for
jagged edges, splinters or surfaces that are too rough. Make all the needed repairs.

can be uncomfortable at times and potentially dangerous.  To avoid any sunburn and to
help cool the deck, an overhang should be considered.  A deck is supposed to be
luxurious, but having the hot sun burning you is not exactly a walk in the park.

If it passes your structural inspection, it is time to take precautions to avoid other types of
Wood Deck needing maintenance
This deck needs its annual maintenance
Wood Decks with sharp splinters
Splinters can be a source of pain
• If you have trees surrounding your deck, look for decaying or broken limbs that
could fall on the deck.

will end up in the emergency room because of grill-related accidents. As with any
source of fire or heat, such as grills, make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s
directions for the proper use.

• Don't leave the grill while you're cooking, or while it's still hot.

• Make sure your grill is in good working condition.

• When your grill is running, never leave kids unattended.. They could accidentally
knock the fire out onto the patio which could then spread, endangering not only
their lives but also the house.

• Check propane tanks and hoses for leaks. Do not use a propane gas cylinder if it
shows signs of external damage such as dents, gouges, bulges or corrosion.

• Parents can help prevent deck accidents by taking some precautions, ensuring that
there is adult supervision.

• If you spend extended periods of time on your deck, wear sunscreen outside even
on cloudy days so that you don't get sunburned.

•  With outdoor lighting you can enjoy grilling, recreational activities or just relax
outside long after the sun goes down. Lighting locations include: decks, pathways,

• Take a walk around your home and property at dusk, after nightfall and at dawn to
determine what areas will benefit from outdoor lighting. It's a good idea to carry a
flashlight with you during your walks.

• Test all deck furniture for sturdiness.

•  Store all dangerous products safely away from children, including barbecue lighter
fluids and matches.

• Make sure steps and pathways are well lit and all lighting, electrical outlets and
appliances are up to code, in good condition and childproof if necessary.

Wood decks are very popular specially during the summer. Whether you have kids or not,
it is essential that you take caution when you begin using your deck.  Deck accidents can
happen, but by taking the proper precautions, you can prevent any from happening.

Whether you are building a wood deck elevated or not, whether you have kids or not and
whether you have pets or not, taking wood deck safety into precaution is an absolute
must.  Deck accidents do happen, but you can prevent anything bad from happening on
your wood deck with these tips.
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