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Wood Deck Information - Seven Top Sites
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Building decks provides outdoor living spaces. Problem is, you don’t know where to
begin, you say? Your do-it-yourself carpentry skills are basic at best, and the prospect
of deck design and construction from scratch is rather daunting? These resources will
Do it
A deck is a wonderful extension to the exterior of your home, and provides a great place
to relax and entertain guests. The content found in this section provides information about
deck building, deck finishes, deck maintenance and deck materials. Start building your
dream deck today!
Deck Information, Products and Service Providers.
Decks, Deck Plans, Deck Building Materials, Patio Designs, Docks & Outdoor Projects  
Forest Products Laboratory
Deck Construction and Maintenance. Cumulative List of Publications From January 1996 -
December 2001
This site is full of construction and remodeling information. The section on wood dcks is
This Old House
Searching for the key word "wood decks" will produce a lot of great articles.
of information. I have spent many hours locating the websites that provide, in my opinion,
the best information on
wood decks. The amount of information that these sites contain
can be overwhelming at the beginning. However, if you know how to sift thorough the
information based on your needs, the task will be so much easier. I recommend the
following approach:

• Define your outcome. Do you want build a new deck or just restore an existing
deck?,  Wood you like to do the work yourself or have a professional wood deck
builder do it fore you?
• Consider what you want to achieve with your wood deck: life style family
preferences, lounging in the shade, the need to privacy,.

Enjoy and let me know if you find additional
wood deck Sites to include in this list

Top seven wood deck sites
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