Our deck designers will turn your ideas into your dream deck….you will see a 3D drawing of
your completed project before our deck building team starts their work.
Yes, you will see a
picture of your wooden deck before it is actually build!.

With our process you will get the Deck you want, As you know, the right wood deck will turn
any yard into a luxurious and useful outdoor living area.

There are many reasons for adding a wood deck to your home. With your deck,
  • You will increase your living space
  • You will increase the value of your home
  • Entertainment is high on people’s list. You will enjoy more your outdoor cooking and
    entertainment. Your new deck will enhance the way you use your yard.
  • You provide a place to relax
  • You will have a place to enjoy the view. Plan your landscape along with your deck to
    maximize your viewing pleasure.
Wood Deck Designers and Wood Deck Builders:
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Discover how our Deck Designers and Deck Builders can convert
your Deck Ideas into your Dream Deck
Our process includes a one year of TLC for your wood deck. The following list shows a
summary of the steps our Deck designers and Builders will perform to create your dream

1.  Deck Design - Our Deck Designers will create  a design that fits your home.
During this phase, you will receive a 3D plan of your design.
2. Jamar builders will obtain all the necessary building permits.
3. Our Team will build your deck from your design
4. Deck Treatment – A month after your deck is installed, our deck builders will perform
the following
treatments on your deck:
        a. We will
waterproof your deck
UV protection – We will add an agent to protect your dream deck from
             the damaging UV rays.
        c. We will stain your deck based on your requirements
5. For the first year after your deck is installed, our deck builders will maintain your
deck .
6. At the end of the first year, our deck process also includes a second deck treatment.
Based on the needs, Our deck builder might perform all the tasks on step 4.

Jamar Properties has made easier to enjoy the benefits of a new wood deck. Our prices
beat the competition by a wide margin. Get several estimates then request a Free estimate
on a brand new wood deck from Jamar. You will be amazed at the difference.

We are licensed by the NC Board of General Contractors. All our work is 100% guaranteed
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