Top 10 Home Improvements That Pay Off Big
In Any Economy.  
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#1: Add a wood deck addition to your home. Call your residential contractor
and start working on the plans for this one. This is the biggest benefit you will see.
82 percent of the cost of implementing a wood deck onto your home will be
recouped at the time of your home's sale. Why is it so valuable? Most people see
this is additional living space. It is multifunctional, easily used and gives individuals
a motive to spend time outdoors.

#2: Vinyl siding replacement is nearly as valuable. A well maintained vinyl
siding will last for a very long time. If your siding has problems and it is not
replaced, it could cost you a number of potential buyers. Talk to your contractor
about your current siding. Does it look good? Is it dented or disfigured? Most
importantly, replacing the vinyl siding will also benefit you with reduced energy
costs. An estimated 81 percent of the cost recouped.

#3: Smaller kitchen remodels are also important. Instead of ripping out the
kitchen and redoing it, find ways to freshen the condition. Talk to your contractor
about repairing and painting cabinets, updating hardware or changing outdated
appliances. With the kitchen being the heart of the home, it definitely needs to be
part of your home improvement. You will likely see about 80 percent of the cost
back at sale time, if not more.

#4: Window replacement is important especially if the windows are older than
ten years, broken or obviously ugly. Replacing the windows is helpful to the tune of
about 78 percent of recouped value. People want new windows because they
know this will help keep energy costs down. In addition, windows are often a big
hassle to put in. Buyers do not want big projects on their plate right away.
Wood Deck
#5: Larger kitchen remodeling may be beneficial. You have to be careful here
because investing too much can hurt you. About 76 percent of your costs will
recoup. If you update it successfully, though, it definitely could help you to turn your
house around on the market faster.

#6: Bathroom remodels are another great investment. Why should you focus
on remodeling the bathroom? There are several benefits. The largest draw for the
home buyer is the cleanliness factor. Ideas here may be new fixtures, new
cabinetry and new paint. Your contractor may be able to install new tiling in the
shower too. This is a big benefit. For your bathroom remodel, the average value
payback is 74 percent.

#7: Add a bedroom in the attic. By doing this carefully it will pay off. Ultimately, it
depends on the location and the easy of getting into the attic, but if you do turn it
into a bedroom, it will pay off at about 74 percent of the value. Adding bedrooms to
homes is a great way to make the home more readily available to larger families,
increasing the number of people who potentially are interested in it.
#8: Composite deck additions are a good investment too, at about 74 percent
recouped value. Composite is costly, which is why you may not get more back.
However, the look of it is definitely beneficial. Its long lifespan of not needing to be
repaired, painted or stained adds to the benefit.

#9: Basement remodeling is also high on the charts at 73 percent. Cleaning up
such as installing a basement wall system, improving water conditions and making
the space more usable.

#10: Two story additions definitely will make your home a larger draw because
of its larger space. You will see about a 71 percent recouped value here. Again, the
added living space can help you sell your home faster, though.

Talk to your contractor about these or other home improvement projects that could
add value to your home.
Adding a wood deck is one of the top home improvements
Siding is also a potential home improvement that pays off.
A Deck is one of the top 10 home improvements
Regardless of your goals to sell a home or to just, increase the value of
it, home improvement projects can pay off big time
. Just a few years ago,
when people wanted something different in their home, they looked for a new
home. It has gotten harder to do that. More so, selling in this market means
making only wise investment decisions in these projects. Yet, there are ways to
improve your home and see a dramatic increase in your home's value because
of it. Not all projects in home improvement will do this, though.
Here are the top ten!
Replacing your windows is a great home improvement
Replacing your windows is a home improvement tat will return 78 %
on your investment.
New Siding is a lucrative home improvement