HOW To Clean Your Windows Effectively...

The Ultimate Guide To Help You Keep Your Windows Clean
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Not long ago, I overheard an exchange between a friend and his teenage
. The boy wanted to borrow the family car to attend a special event in a
nearby town. It meant his father would have to take the bus to work and
reschedule a meeting with a potential customer. After some discussion, the
father agreed to let his son have the car--provided he would put in eight hours
cleaning the windows in the home the following Saturday. "That way," the father
asserted cheerfully, "we both win."

"I guess so," his son replied, sounding doubtful, thinking about cleaning the
windows and trying to remember where he had seen the most useful window
cleaning guide….

Cleaning the windows is one of those jobs that people dread doing and
often hire out to a professional.
However, if you decide to do yourself, the
following procedure will make things easier.

- Make Your Home Look Better
Washing your windows
correctly allows you to make your home look better.
This procedure works on all different types of windows, such as single hung
windows, double hung windows, special window coatings, and glass sliding
doors. All of your windows should be cleaned regularly, once or twice a year, so
that they can continue to be just as nice for you as they always were.
Process To Clean Windows:
  • Vacuum around the frames inside and out to remove dust out of the tracks
    and frame corners. If you skip this step, all the debris will be floating in your
    cleaning solution and will streak the glass. Or it will turn your cleaning water
    into mud.
  • Take a damp cloth and wipe around the windows edges.
  • Mix your Window Cleaning solution. Add a few drops of dish detergent to a
    bucket of water. This solution will not produce any streaks that are difficult to
    remove. Keep the bucket full of your cleaning solution
  • Wet the window. Bathe the windows with a sponge wetted in the cleaning
    solution. Keep them wet and do not scrub – just wash them gently. When
    your sponge gets dirty, squeeze it into an empty bucket..

Next, use the squeegee to wipe the cleaning solution off the windows.

  1. Wet the squeegee with a damp cloth, to avoid skipping and jumping on the
    glass. Wipe the blade between strokes.
  2. Tilt the squeegee so that only about an inch of the blade rests lightly
    against the top of the window. Then pull the squeegee across to create a
    dry strip about an inch wide. This trick will prevent those maddening drops
    from running down the top.
  3. Put the squeegee blade in the dry area and pull it down about 3 inches
    from the bottom of the window. Repeat until the whole window is done,
    Make sure to overlap a little each time to keep the water from running into
    the already clean area.
  4. Run the squeegee along the bottom of the window to remove any
    accumulated water and wipe the sill with a dry cloth.
  5. Resist the temptation to remove any lingering drops of water. Just let them
    dry and fade away.
  6. Do not clean the windows in direct sunlight. They will dry too fast and streak.
Learn to clean your windows effectively..
Be proud of your clean windows ...
"Are these windows really clean?" ...
A Pretty Window Cleaner
A Home With Clean Windows
Cleaning Inside Windows:
solution to fall on the floor or carpet. Clean up sills right away.

Cleaning Outside
Use the same procedure. However, if you need to use a ladder make sure that you follow the
manufacturer’s safety precautions

There are several tools that you will need in order to clean your windows effectively.
You will need a squeegee with a sponge, which will allow you to clean windows. You'll also need a
bucket in which to put the squeegee, so that it can stay clean itself. You'll need a razor scraper,
which will help you to get off tough pieces of dirt and make sure that the window is clear. Don't forget
the cleaning solution – you will want to be sure that you have one mixed, with water and an all
purpose mild cleaner.

Professional Cleaner
Depending on the complexity of the job, you might need to hire a professional cleaner. Professional
Window cleaners can handle large jobs in a very short time.
So with relatively little expense and effort, you can make your windows look like new.
Looking at Clean Windows