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If you owned your furniture for more than 12 months:

  • It is time to have a professional clean your upholstered furniture
  • Furniture and fabric manufacturers recommend that consumers do not wait until severe
    soiling occurs before contacting an upholstery cleaning company.
  • The greater the soiling, the less the possibilities of restoring its original colors.

Professionally cleaned furniture can enhance the positive impression that a business makes on its

Let us take care your upholstery cleaning. Our technicians have the experience to clean even the
most delicate fabrics. You can feel comfortable calling on Jamar
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Save on Upholstery Cleaning and Enjoy your "New" Furniture  

Protect  one of your biggest investments! – Your Furniture. Select an Upholstery
Company that has the experience and knowledge  to  take care of your
delicate furniture
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    1. Is your furniture looking tired ?

    2. Do you have stains or spots on your furniture?

    3. Has your furniture accumulated a lot of dust?

    4. Has the fabric on your furniture lost its original color?

    5. Does it feel like your furniture has trapped all the odors in your home?

If the answer is “Yes!” to any of these questions, Jamar Upholstery Cleaning Services can
revitalize your existing furniture.
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Some of the reasons to use Jamar  Upholstery Cleaning Services

  • All our services are guaranteed. It is not just a guarantee, it is our promise to you. We are
    committed to answer any of your concerns within 24 hours.
  • Our qualified personnel will take the take the time to review all our upholstery cleaning
    processes. We will help you match our house cleaning services to your needs.
  • We have expert personnel with over 20 years experience in the upholstery cleaning services
  • Affordable prices that are sure to fit into the tightest budget. Get our free upholstery cleaning
    estimate and compare us.
  • We are members of the Better Business Bureau
  • We are licensed  by the NC Board of General Contractors. Jamar personnel are qualified to
    perform work in residential and commercial properties.
  • We are fully insured – Liability, Workers Comp, and Risk Insurance for large project.
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