Tips  From A professional Cleaner To Reduce Your
Household Dust And Help Your Allergies

Clean air is a necessity for healthy living, especially since the majority
of the time is spent indoors
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house or apartment collects 40 to 50 pounds of dust every year. High levels of
dust can result in allergic reactions ranging from nasal congestion to asthma.
Though no amount of house cleaning can completely solve the problem, there
are many “dust measures” that can help.

  • Replace you’re A/C filter per the manufacturers recommendations. The filter in
    your air conditioner traps particles and dirt before they go back into your home.
    Replace worn out filters with an efficient electrostatic filter. Most electrostatic
    filters carry a charge that attracts and holds dust. High quality filters are made
    from pleated fabric or paper.

  • Clean the dirt out of your ducts. If your home A/C system duct’s are dirty, your
    ventilation system is carrying dust, dirt and other stuff into your household air.
    Have your ducts cleaned by a professional every two to three years. Removing
    the dust from the ducts becomes more important if you smoke, have pets, or
    have a family member with asthma.

  • Keep your mattress clean by using a washable protective cover. Regularly
    vacuum both mattress and base to remove fluff and dust, and mop up any
    stains and spills quickly with a mild soap and cool water. To kill the dust mites
    from your bedding, place the item in a garbage bag. Leave the bag in the
    freezer for an hours or so.

  • Your carpet should at all times be free of dirt, dust, lint, and stains. The biggest
    pro secret is to vacuum all carpets and mats regularly. Do not wait until you can
    see the dirt. Proper timing of vacuuming can extend the life of your carpet and
    reduce the need to shampooing up to 50 percent.

  • Vacuum all the carpets and draperies frequently to remove the surface dust.
    Mop or vacuum hard floors rather than sweeping. Use a vacuum with a high
    efficiency filter. Please notice that dust mites also live in the carpets.
    Vacuuming does not remove the dust mites. It is a good idea to have your
    carpet deep cleaned every two years.

  • Vacuum furniture, base boards and moldings with a soft brush attachment. Use
    care to avoid scratching the delicate surfaces. Dust with a damp cloth. Rinse it
    out occasionally in clear water. Toss dirt dusting cloths in the washer.
It is commonly believed that allergies are caused by an immune problems that
immune system detects what it believes to be a threat to the body, it take steps to
combat the perceived intruder. Most symptoms of allergies will disappear when
the item is removed from our surroundings. That is why is so important to remove
the dust from our household.

Frequent cleaning can help reduce the allergens and irritants that cause allergic
reactions. While regular house cleaning is recommended for allergy sufferers, the
act of cleaning itself can aggravate the symptoms. It is important to avoid your
house cleaning tasks in the presence of someone with allergies.

Clean air is a necessity for healthy living, especially since the majority of the time
is spent indoors. Clean habits have a part to play in the matter of staying healthy. If
you take the preventive measures detailed on this article, the dust in your home will
be significantly reduced in your home.
keep your house clean replacing the filters often
Reduce dust replacing the filters often
Reduce dust vacuuming often
Reduce your allergies vacuuming often
keep a clean house to help your allergies
Keep a clean house to help your allergies