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Stains happen to everyone. At a dinner party, a woman laughs a bit too hard
and wine sloshes from her glass onto her blouse, her $100 designer label
blouse. What should she do in this instance to get the stain to stop from setting?
What you do in the first instances of the stain happening is what will define
whether the stain sets or washes out.
When it comes to stain removal, home
cleaners are often within reach to help you to tackle any of the top ten stains.
#1: Blood Stains: Bloodstains are common, especially among children. To get
the best results, run the clothing item under cold water to rinse out as much of the
stain as possible when it is still wet. Then, launder as usual in lukewarm water. You
may wish to add a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide to the rinsing water to help
keep the stain from setting.

#2: Coffee and Tea Stains: Rinse immediately if possible, for the best results.
Blot the stain using a clean cloth, do not rub. Mix a small amount of mild dish
washing detergent with lukewarm water on the clothing item. Use a soft brush in a
circular motion on the spot gently. Then, rinse and launder as usual.

#3: Pet Stains: Pet stain removal is a bit more intensive in some situations, since
it is not always easy to rinse out these stains under running water. If the stain is
fresh, use mild dish detergent and lukewarm water to rinse away. Try to blot
carpeting or upholstery to remove as much of the liquid as possible. Use a
carpet-cleaning machine, or a steam machine, to launder fully.
#8: Chewing Gum: Stains from chewing gum are removable in the same way as candle wax. If iron.
Crayon stains are also removable in this manner.

#9: Marker stains: Not all stains will be removable. For best results, get to them when wet. Apply a
mixture of dish washing detergent and water and work into the stain. Rinse well then apply home
cleaner product like a pre - wash spay prior to laundering.

#10: Grass Stains: Grass stain removal starts with placing a paper towel down on the table. Then,
place the stain, face down on top. Apply rubbing alcohol to a sponge and apply to the area. Rinse in
cold water. Then, rub mild dish soap rubbed into the stain gently. Rinse and launder.
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#4: Wine Stain Removal: Many people battle wine stain removal. The best way
to remove the wine instantly is with the opposite wine. For example, for a red wine,
pour white wine on the stain. Alternatively, if a tablecloth or carpeting has had a
wine spill, pour about a tablespoon of salt on the stain immediately, which will
absorb the liquid. To wash clothing or other cloths, use one part dish washing
detergent and one part hydrogen peroxide.

#5: Grease Stains: Grease stains from food or from oils are removable. First,
use a clean cloth to blot them as dry as possible. Do not rub in. Then, make a
mixture of two parts cold water to one part mild dish detergent. Gently rub into the
stain and rinse. Home cleaners such as stain removals also work well on these

#6: Candle Wax: Stain removal for candle wax can be a bit more of a challenge.
First, use your fingers to pick off any excessive dried wax. Then, turn the cloth
over. Place a paper towel under the stain. Then, against the back of the stain, run
a warm iron over the area, which will gently melt the wax allowing it to transfer to
the paper towel.

#7: Chocolate or Cocoa: Rinse under cold water only applied through the back
of the stain. Soak in cold water and mild dish detergent until the stain lifts then
launder as usual. If this home stain removal does not work; use a prewash prior to
laundering it.
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