How To Remove Red Wine Stains    

Removing A Wine Stain From Your Fabrics Often Depends On How
Fast You Act
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How many times have you found yourself having a pleasant evening  with your friends
while drinking wine, then all of the sudden you spill it on your carpet or couch? Those
wine stains can be a pain to get out! I’m here to help you with my guide on how to
get rid of wine stains from your carpet or other fabrics.
Practical steps to remove red wine stains

1.The first universal step to removing a brand new wine stain is to hurry up before it
sets in.

2. If you have any stain removing products that are made to remove spots, you
should try those first. Cleaning products like Oxy Clean and WineAway work well
when trying to
remove wine stains.

3. If you don’t have any products that can get rid of wine stains try this: First pour
white wine to even it up. This makes it easier to remove the red color from your

4 Blot the stain with a cloth but don not rub it because it will smear the stain.

5.Pour salt on the stain. (Salt is absorbent and is easy to clean up) Keep on
repeating these two steps until stain is gone or mostly gone.

6. Vacuum the area afterwards.

7.If you can still see the stain, buy a stain remover to remove the rest.

If the stain is dry, buy a stain remover to get rid of it.

There are many home remedies for getting rid of red wine stains. For instance,
mixing laundry detergent with hydrogen peroxide will get rid of the stain. Many
home remedies work but not all

Use these tips and you are guaranteed to get rid of your red wine stains.
Removing red wine stains
Be ready to remove red wine
Removing red wine stains