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Enjoy Them Too...
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We love our pets, however the cleanup that goes along with them is something
most of us could do without.

When you add a cat, or a dog,  you have just doubled your
house cleaning
workload. Pets are a wonderful addition to any family they are soft and warm
and even reduce stress to some degree. However, they will cause new smells,
extra fluffy carpets (pet hair) and may leave you presents leaving you honestly
saying, “You shouldn’t have!”

Nevertheless, with a few good tips and a little hard work you and your furry friend
can live together in harmony.
As with any other house cleaning tasks, there are simple tasks you can do to
minimize the time and effort it takes to clean after our companion animals. It is your
responsibility as a pet owner to clean up after your pet.  Pets can carry viruses,
bacteria, and parasites that can be harmful to humans. Some of the measures to
stay healthy and to keep a clean home are:

Washing Your Hands
This may seem extreme but pets can carry bacteria on their skin and in their fur.
This is mainly a concern for the iguana lovers in this world but can also apply to fur
bearing pets. An iguana has salmonella on their skin, for those of you who do not
know this is the bacteria common in food poisoning. Recently it has been in the
news as a contaminant in pet food. Illnesses were reported in several states and
were linked to feeding of the pet in the kitchen. It was also noted that the bacteria
was present in the feces even though the pet was not ill.  Therefore, it is always
wise to wash your hands carefully after handling your pet and in some cases their
Pet lovers nightmare is shedding season, pet hair can get everywhere! I had a white
dog for a few years, several years after he passed, away I was moving and in the
process, I found white hair on some of the clothes in the closet!

The first tip to getting hair off the carpet and furniture is minimizing the amount. You
can do this is several ways:

  • Take time to brush your pet, even a shorthaired animal will shed. The best
    place to brush is outdoors however if that is not possible look for hardwood or
    linoleum. The point is to keep the hair in a manageable location instead of all
    over the house.

  • Keep your pet off the furniture; pets will leave tons of hair behind on your
    favorite chair, which will transfer, to you then other areas of the house. Put a
    stop to this by creating a special place for your pet to lay then train them to use

  • Vacuum daily; pets are losing hair constantly especially a pet that stays in the
    house exclusively. When you vacuum daily you will keep the build up down plus
    you wont clog your machine.

  • If you already have pet hair everywhere then the only option left is the
    systematic removal. Start at the top and work your way down. Wash drapes,
    sweep down walls, and wash every slipcover you have. This will take more than
    a minute and may require you call a cleaning service.
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Pets will leave hair all over the home
What do you need to do to keep your
house clean with pets?
keep your pets clean
Pets are wonderful
Pet Odors:
Next to hair, pet odors are the worst pet related problem. When they are young, they leave
presents all over the house and puddles too. Before you know it, the whole house can smell awful.
Once again, prevention is better than cure, but that is not always possible. To eliminate pet odors
you are going to have to remedy a few things:

  • Realize that if you are using paper as a potty method, you will always have to deal with some
    odor. The only way to be free of the odors is to get your pet house trained.

  • Thoroughly clean any area that has been a potty spot. Animals go where it smells like they
    should, so if you can eliminate the smell of urine and feces you have gone a long way
    towards potty training. Remember a pet’s nose is much more sensitive than yours or mine;
    you must use something that will penetrate deep down.

  • When you have deep cleaned every crevice and still have a lingering odor in the air, try
    setting around a coffee can or two with about a half cup of vinegar, if the smell is in the air
    this will remove it quickly.

Having a pet is hard work but with the right tools and help from a professional every now and
again, you will do just fine