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Your House Cleaning Services
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Sometimes it's necessary to use a house cleaning service.  Whether your
lifestyle is too busy to allow you to clean as regularly as you'd like, you want to
clean for a special occasion, or you're getting ready to move, a professional
could be just the thing you need.  However,
professional house cleaning
can also get expensive.  While they're often worth the price, it's
important to know in advance how much you'll end up paying for your service.  
Here's a rough guide to house cleaning rates, depending on what you need
cleaned and how often.

Every house or apartment is different, so you'll find that your house cleaning
will be based on a number of things.  These include how big your home
is, whether you're having it cleaned just once or on a regular basis, how often
regular cleaning will occur, how many people live there, the number of
bathrooms and the number of pets, and similar factors.  
Larger cleaning companies will use a standardized formula to calculate your
estimate.  Smaller companies may not have a system this formalized.  
Commonly, cleaning franchises charge about seventy-five dollars per hour
to have two people clean for two hours.
 Two hours is often the minimum visit,
but this rule may vary between cleaning services.  

If you're having cleaning done regularly, you'll find that the first visit often costs
more than visits that happen later.  That's because additional cleaning may need
to be done at first.  The initial visit may be priced by the hour, and your estimate
will be a range, rather than a specific price.  If more time is needed than the
estimate includes, expect the cleaning company to contact you for authorization.

If you choose regularly scheduled visits, you'll probably be charged a flat fee
per visit, with notifications if this needs to be increased.  Regular cleaning usually
costs less per visit than one-time cleaning and initial visits, and house cleaning
rates vary depending on how often you want cleaning to be done.  Popular house
cleaning schedules include weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly and monthly cleaning.  
Some people have their homes professionally cleaned only for special occasions
and holidays.
A one time cleaning of a two bedroom apartment (five rooms, nine hundred
square feet), might cost anywhere between seventy five dollars and two hundred
dollars.  This house cleaning price will depend on how much work the service
needs to do in order to get the apartment up to their standards.  A single story
home with seven rooms, at about thirteen hundred square feet, could cost
anywhere between one and three hundred dollars, with a two story home over two
thousand square feet averaging one hundred fifty to four hundred dollars for a one
time cleaning.  

If those homes were cleaned on a bi-weekly basis, their prices will change.  
The apartment might cost between sixty and one hundred twenty-five dollars, the
single story home between eighty and one hundred and fifty, and the two story
home between one hundred and two hundred dollars per visit.  Regular cleaning
usually secures a significant discount.  You may also encounter services that offer
package deals - three, five, or seven hour one time services for your area and type
of home.  House cleaning prices will vary by the area, too.  Different parts of the
country have different average home sizes and cleaning times, changing how
much a service costs.

Typical services include dusting, vacuuming and scrubbing counter tops, sinks,
floors and the hood over the stove.  However, doing the dishes by hand, picking up
items left on the floor, and other services won't be done, and must be performed
before the cleaning service gets there.  
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Some services will change bed linen and load dishwashers, and they generally
provide all their own tools and cleaning products.  Cleaning windows and walls is not
usually included, and cleaning an oven or refrigerator can add about twenty-five dollars to
your bill.  Dusting blinds and other surfaces will also be an additional fee.

Professional house cleaning can be necessary for many reasons, and is a great
choice in many situations.  However, it's important to know what you'll be paying going in -
after all, no one likes to be surprised with a large bill.  Find out well in advance whether
you'll be paying a little or a lot for your cleaning.
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