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Even though you are probably very excited to have someone else deal
with the house cleaning for once
, you have to be careful of who you allow into
your home for various reasons. In order to make sure that you are getting the full
picture of what the company is all about and on how much you can trust them in
your home, you will need to ask some very specific house cleaning questions.
The following gives you are starting point for the questions you will want to ask
the house cleaning company:
Are you insured?
Learning whether or not the house cleaning company is insured or not is extremely
important. If they break something of yours, will they have the money to back
themselves? If one of their employees gets hurt on the job, in your home, what
Do you have references from past clients?
You want to make sure that you are given references from people that have
obtained their cleaning services before. This will give you a good idea of whether
or not they are worth your time. A company that refuses to give references may not
be the company you want to hire.

What does the price include?
You want to make sure that you have a clear understanding of what kind of
cleaning is covered under the standard price and what isn't. This way, you will not
end up disappointed with the service and you will not end up paying more than you
believe certain jobs are worth.

Do you offer detail work?
Ask if they clean baseboards, doorframes, under the refrigerator and stove and
any other place you can think of. There may be an additional cost for detail work.

How often is the detail work done?
You want to make sure that you understand just how often they will do the detail
work for the money that you are paying. Will the detail work be done daily, weekly,
or monthly?

Are you a Better Business Bureau member?
Most companies that are legit and on top of things will say yes, they are a member.
You want to make sure that the company is in good standing with the BBB before
moving any further with the house cleaning company.

What kind of guarantees do they offer?
It is important to know whether or not they guarantee their service because if you
are not happy, you are of course going to want them to do something about it.
How long does it take to clean the house?
It is important to know just how long they expect to be in your home for the cleaning. After all, you do
have a life. You also want to make sure that they are not claiming to only be there an hour when you
are paying several hundred dollars a day. It should all add up. Please note that the majority of the
cleaning services will charge by the hour with a minimum of two hours.

Does the homeowner have to be present during the cleaning?
If the house cleaning company states that no, you do not have to be present, you will need to get
further explanation from them. Just how will they enter the home if you are not around? Also, you
need to make sure that you can trust that they will lock your house back up for you one their way out,
otherwise you might find yourself with a house that was robbed.

Are the windows cleaned as well?
Generally, when a house cleaning company cleans windows, they are only cleaning the inside of the
windows, leaving you with the outside. But since not all companies include windows in with their
service price, you will want to double check on that.

Do they have a website and information they can send you?
A company that has a website up and running and information to send through the mail regarding
their services is a company that is sticking around for a while.

This may seem like a lot of house cleaning questions but if you want to make sure that you are
hiring the right company for the job, it is something you have to do
. Make sure that you are also
calling around to a few different places and then comparing all of your notes. This will ensure that
you end up with the best company in your area.
Ask the right questions from your cleaning service
You House Cleaning Services need to have liability Insurance
Enjoy a long relationship with the right house
cleaning service.
Cleaning Services need liability Insurance
House Cleaning Services Need Insurance
Learn to hire your clenaing service
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