How To Clean Your HDTV Screen Safely

Cleaning Tips That Will Extend The Life Of Your HDTV...
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This statement was taken from the from
a JVC user manual. Most of the HDTV manufacturers have a similar warning in
their user manual. The warning should give you a very good idea that your HDTV
is a delicate investment and that you need to follow the manufacturer’s
instructions to be able to enjoy it for a long time.

The surface of your HDTV is easily damaged. Therefore, it is very important
that you learn how to clean it. You need to lean the proper procedure to remove
the dust from the screen.  HDTV screens are notorious for their ability to collect
dust. Thankfully, a television screen can be cleaned quite easily. However, it is
important to follow a number of well established methods for cleaning a HDTV
screen. Improper cleaning may result in the exact opposite result that you are
looking for. So, let’s take a look at the recommended ways to cleaning TV
First, it is critical to check your user manual for advice regarding cleaning
screen surfaces
. While there will be a certain level of consistency among
television sets, some sets may have unique aspects to take into consideration.
Also, if the manual recommended certain practices to avoid, you will want to take
such advice into consideration as well.  Remember, that advice for cleaning
screen surfaces is there for a reason. The manufacturer wants to make sure you
do not do any harm to your valuable and prized HDTV.

In terms of the actual process of cleaning an HDTV screen, it is important to
look at the ways to do it and the ways to avoid doing it. Rather than pull out an old
dust rag and wipe off the screen, it is best to purchase cleaning kits from an
electronics store. Not only will these kits be sure to return your screen to its proper
glory, it will avoid causing any abrasions to the screen.

And speaking of avoiding abrasions, stick with either an electrostatic dust cloth.
3M makes a very high quality version of this type of cloth and it is well worth
purchasing because it is designed to cleaning screen surfaces without causing
any undo scratches. When you do perform your regular cleaning, it is best to wipe
the screen in a circular motion. This way, you will be sure not to miss any spots
during the cleaning.
In terms of those things you absolutely want to avoid, it is best to stay far
away from using Windex
when cleaning the surface of a HDTV screen. Windex
can leave spots on the screen that would hamper the visual display. And even
worse than Windex are detergent products. In addition to being totally not
designed to clean television screens, detergents can leave huge greasy spots and
stains on the screen making viewing incredibly unpleasant. Also, avoid using
damp cloths on LCD and DLP screens since this can cause streaks. Fabric
softener sheets must positively be avoided since they run the risk of scratching the
television screen. If this occurs, then you would have to replace the glass of the
screen which would certainly be a huge expense.

Some may wonder how often you should take part in cleaning screen
Usually, once a week is fine but if dust is noticeably collecting it would
be best to clean it immediately. Dust can be harmful to the internal components of
electronic products and that is why it is best removed from the equation.
Protect your investment, Lear how to clean
your HDTV screen ...
Cleaning Tip: Follow the manufacturer instructions to clean
your HDTV screen...
Cleaning your HDTV screen
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Clean Your HDTV screen