Ceramic Tile – The Ultimate Green Strategy To Clean
Your Ceramic Tile Grout

Learn To Clean Your Ceramic Tile EFFECTIVELY...
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Having a beautiful ceramic or tile floor is an excellent way to increase the
value of your home
. Ceramic tile is a great addition to a bathroom or kitchen,
or even a porch type area. It can be a wonderful way to maintain a good floor
temperature and a beautiful look to your home.

However, the grout that separates the tiles and allows them to stay in
place is something that needs to be cleaned
, and needs to be cleaned
effectively. Because the grout is at a different height than the tile, traditional
cleaning methods aren't going to work as well. It is important to use the right
methods, and to use the right materials, in order to clean tile grout effectively. If
you know how to clean the grout properly, you'll find that your tile looks cleaner
and is better for you in many different ways.

Ceramic tiles have many different benefits. They are beautiful, last for a long
time, and a very durable. However, the grout joints do need special attention so
that the entire surface can be cleaned. Grout joints aren't as easy to clean as
ceramic tiles. They get moldy, stained, and can be hard to reach. Therefore, it is
important to follow special procedure and to use the right tools in order to be
sure that the ceramic tile grout joints can be just as beautiful as the rest of the
First of all, you'll want to examine the selection of grout cleaning products
that you can find at your local hardware store.
Using regular cleaners, or
even tile cleaners, might be damaging to the grout in general, and you want to be
sure that you are doing everything you can to help get the grout cleaned, and not
damage it in any way. Therefore, before you embark on the cleaning of the grout,
be sure that you've invested in cleaners that were specially meant for grout. You
can even invest in a high-powered steam cleaner which will rid the grout of dirt
and mold.

Green Cleaning Method:

You can invest in special grout cleaners and scrub brushes and high powered
steam cleaners that are meant specifically for grout, or
you can rely on green
cleaning methods to get your ceramic tiles and grout clean
. It is completely
up to you.

For the
green cleaning process, you'll first have to determine whether the grout
is colored, or is white or very light. For colored grout, you'll want to use a
homemade paste that includes baking soda, water, and white vinegar. This
paste should be first spread on the grout. Then, fill a water bottle with vinegar and
spray it onto the paste mixture. You'll need to scrub the mixture after you've let it
set, but it is important to remember that baking soda is a mild abrasive, so it
won't take much effort to get the grout clean.

If the grout is already white, or is very light colored, using liquid bleach is going to
be your best option. The bleach will kill mildews and molds, and doesn't cost
much. Remember, however, that using liquid bleach can be dangerous ? so
when you do use it in a room, open up all of the windows and doors first, so that
there is proper ventilation. If you feel light headed or feel nauseous, you need to
stop cleaning and take a break.
Cleaning the grout will keep your bathroom
looking new  ...
Cleaning Tip: Regular cleaning will keep you grout looking
great ...
A Ceramic Tile Shower
Clean your grout monthly
The best way to use bleach to clean grout is to use a bucket or a sink to create a mixture that is one
part bleach and one part water.
Dip paper towels or old cloth towels into the bleach mixture, and then lay
the towels along the grout where it meets a flat surface, like the edge of the sink, wall, or tub. Leave them
there for a half hour or an hour, and then remove them, and rinse with water.

You can also mix bleach and some soapy water and use a scrub brush or even a toothbrush on the grout.
If you have stubborn stains, you can apply this mixture to the grout, let it sit, and then rinse. You can also
use a squirt bottle for this mixture.