Get Rid Of Your Tough Toilet Stains Once And For All

“I thought my toilet would have to be replaced. Nothing worked, I had
tried everything to clean my toilet bowl”.  
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One of our customers was getting frustrated every time she cleaned the toilet in
her master bathroom. Toilet stains can be challenging. Especially those caused
by hard water.

Left unattended, lime, rust, or other stubborn deposits will form in the toilet bowl.
Once you see the ring around the toilet, it is time too late. You will need a special
agent to remove the lime deposits. If you have a challenging toilet stain. Follow
this procedure and you will be amazed at how easy you will be able to erase the
Process to Clean your Toilet:
Start by removing everything around it, such as items on the tank, lid covers, and
mats around the toilet:

  • Spray a disinfectant over the outside of the toilet and bowl.
  • Lower the water line in the toilet bowl.
  • Spray disinfectant cleaner on the inside surfaces of the bowl. Allow it to
    sit for a few minutes.
  • Brush the inside of the bowl and under the rim with a toilet brush.
  • Wipe the outside of the toilet with paper towels or a clean cloth.

Removing Tough Toilet Stains: If you have tried for hours to remove the “tough
rings around the toilet”, then it is time to use a pumice stone. A pumice stone will turn
hours of scrubbing into mere seconds of scouring. The pumice stone works like an
eraser to remove the challenging stains. – Be careful not to scratch the surface.
                                      Measures to prevent toilet stains

After all the stains have been removed, it is necessary to take some measures to
prevent the stain from coming back:

  • Place a toilet cleaning tablets in the tank. It will keep the toilet cleaner
    between cleanings. It will help prevent the lime ring you get in toilets.
  • A second way to prevent the alkaline rings is to pour one or two cups
    of white vinegar into the toilet once a month. This should eliminate the

Pleasant surroundings have a cheering effect. The difference that a clean
bathroom makes was summed up by a homeowner – She says “There is an inner
feeling of well-being knowing that something is clean”. You can have that feeling
too, despite the challenging toilet stains.
learn to remove toilet stains
Learn how to remove tough
toilet stains
Clean stains with a pumice rock
You can use a pumice rock to clean the
learn how to keep your bathroom spotless