FAQ – Top 10 House Cleaning Questions

Learn how to use a pumice stone to remove toilet rings
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The following are the most popular questions from Jamar website. Perhaps you can
benefit from some of these house cleaning suggestions:

What is the best way to clean my bathroom?
   a.   Turn your favorite music on. Time will go faster playing your favorites
   b.   Start with the bathtub and shower. Make sure that they are mold free.
          Remove mildew and stains from the tub and tiles by wetting the
          surfaces with water and then spraying them with a solution of 1 cup of
          bleach and 1 quart of water.
   c.   Clean the toilet and areas around them.. Cleaning the toilet is probably
          not on the top of your fun projects.
           i. Pour ¼ cup of bleach in the toilet before your leave your home. While
              you are out, it will clean, disinfect, and leave a fresh scent.
           ii. Pour a half a gallon of white vinegar in the toilet tank once a month to
               keep the toilet bowl ring free.
           iii. Use Cola to remove toilet stains. Pour a can into the toilet and let it
                sit for one hour to remove the stains.
           iv. The most effective way to remove the toilet rings is to use a pumice
                 stone. Try it; you will be amazed at the results.
a - Sponges have the top place. The solution to keeping them clean is to sanitize them or
 microwave them to kill the bacteria.
b - Toothbrushes are also at the top. Teach family members to close the toilet lid before
c - Sinks. It is important to disinfect sinks regularly. Kitchen sinks are where we wash raw
meats. Meat juices cause bacterial growth

Why do I need to clean top to bottom?
a - Yes, this method applies to everything you clean in your house. You will need to start
at the top and work your way down in horizontal motions.

Should I vacuum first?
a - No, you should always dust first, vacuum last. Vacuuming last will get the dust and the

How do I motivate myself to clean my home?
a - Focus on the end result. It does feel good when the hard work is done. Create a
mental picture of a clean home and see yourself enjoying it.
b - Make a house cleaning schedule.
Tips to clean your
2.    How do I remove egg stains from my silverware?
a.- Rub the stains gently with salt before thoroughly washing them

How often do I need to dust?
a. - You need to dust weekly. Your vacuum cleaner will remove the dust without
 spreading it around into the air.

Is there away to get rid of dust mites in my bed?
a.- Place your bed covers and sheets in a large garbage bag, tie it up tightly. Place
 the bag in the freezer for one hour. This action will eliminate the dust mites.
b - Vacuum mattresses every other month.

How do I remove dust from the drapes and curtains?
a.- Use your vacuum cleaner. However, you will need to use your upholstery
attachments because the brush attachments can damage the fabric.

What is the easiest way to clean my windows?
a.- There are many outstanding products in the market. Choose a professional type
cleaner to get rid of dirt, grease and grime.
b -  Remove any excess dirt before washing your windows.
c.-  Watch for any streaks left.
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