House Cleaning: 10 Smart Strategies To Make Your
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Let’s face it, there aren’t many people who can say that they love to dust their home.  House
cleaning is one of the things that most people like least about their living space.  Unfortunately,
that is one thing that cannot be avoided.  House cleaning is one of the most important things
that you can do to your home to help keep yourself happy, healthy and on top of your game.

People are always looking for the easiest and most efficient ways to get the house
done and it lightening speed no less. Below is a list of 10 smart strategies to make
your house dust proof.  With the tips below you will be well on your way to getting the house
cleaning done and out of the way so that you can focus on other, more important areas of your
decorate with things that will not hold dust.  Tiny figurines that have lots of curves and
corners can be great homes for dust bunnies to set up home. These dust bunnies can go
undetected, as many people do not thoroughly dust these figurines weekly or even monthly
so the dust just lies in the crevasses and collects week after week.

Keep the floors simple.  Many people are starting to go with tile or hard wood floors as
they are much easier and cleaner to have in a home.  Carpeted floors will hold more dirt and
animal dander that can make many people sick.  The hard floors are much easier to care
for as you simply sweep and mop.  No need to shampoo the carpets and vacuum them, as
that can put more dust and particles in the air.

Use air purifiers as they can cut down on the amount of dust you have in the air.

Dehumidifiers are great to eliminate humidity in the air that can make your home a moist
environment that will collect more dust.

Keep the stuffed animals to a minimum, as they are one of the biggest dust collectors a
home can have.

Vacuum everything. Many people do not think of dusting things like the appliances but
these things are places that will also carry dust.

Protect your bedding. There are mattress covers that will help keep the dust off the bed
where you sleep.

Leave shoes at the door.  Shoes can track in all sorts of things so it can help to cut down
on dust if you have a place at the front door for everyone to leave their shoes.

Make sure the pets get bathed regularly as they can bring in a great deal of dirt and
critter from outdoors.

Wash linens and clothes in hot water when possible as this will help to kill off dust mites
that can make many people sick.
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House Cleaning:  Eliminate Dust in your Home
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