Call us, when you absolutely must have your new building ready on
time. You will be amazed at how fast your new construction cleaning
is done. Your priorities are our priorities.
Commercial Cleaning Services by:
Jamar Remodeling Inc
Building trust and Quality in North Carolina
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Attention Builders and Project Managers:  Are you getting the
most out of your Commercial Cleaning crew?  

What if ….you had a commercial cleaning company that understood all your
requirements. Well, you do! - Jamar Commercial Cleaning Services is managed
by  Licensed General Contractors who understand your scheduling requirements

    1. Do you need  commercial cleaning crew that will  
       work your schedule as often as needed?

    2. Do you need a commercial cleaning crew that will
       clean the interior and exterior of your new building?

    3. Do you need a commercial cleaning company that
       will observe all the safety measures?

If the answer is “Yes!” to all these questions, Look no further,
Jamar Commercial Cleaning Services will get your new building
ready for its final presentation.
We will make your look Good!
Commercial Vacuum Cleaner
We use all the requied safety equipment
Commercial Cleaning Services Offered:

  • Construction Interior final cleaning
  • Construction exterior final cleaning
  • Commercial Window Cleaning and pressure washing.
  • Pre - move cleaning services for apartments and residences
  • Department Store Cleaning Services
  • Commercial Cleaning Services for: Restaurants, Grocery Stores,
    Convenience Stores and Strip Malls.
  • New Residence clean up
Our Commercial Cleaners observe
all the safety requirements
Our Commercial Cleaners know our success depends on your Satisfaction
A Spotless lobby cleaned by our Commercial Cleaners
Blueprint for Cleaning Services Estimate
Commercial Cleaners observe all safety measures
Commercial Cleaners use safety equipment
A Commercial Vacuum cleaner
We will estimate
from the blueprints
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