A Practical House Cleaning Program   

Cleanliness in and around the home depends on a mental attitude that
translates into action.
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It seems like the work of a housewife is never done. Besides preparing food and
getting the children ready for school, she also has to work to keep the house and
its surroundings clean. Have you noticed that frequently it is the mother who picks
up the dirty clothing or personal items that her children leave out in their rooms? A
house cleaning program that includes the whole family can help to
lighten the work load.
A House Cleaning Strategy

Some housewives decide that there are things that need attention and cleaning
daily, while other areas of the house can be cleaned once a week, and still others
once a month. In fact, there are some things that can be scheduled for cleaning
once a year.

There are places in the home where cleanliness is critical for good health, such as
the bathroom. Although light cleaning should be done daily, a more thorough
cleaning, perhaps once a week, will keep bacteria from building up. The kitchen
too requires careful cleaning. Dishes, stove and countertops should be cleaned

Remember, keeping a
house clean depends, not upon your means, but upon your
mental attitude. These brief suggestions will no doubt make the whole family
aware of the need to maintain your home and your surroundings.
                                   House Cleaning Program

• Daily House Cleaning Tasks
  • Bedroom: Make beds and put things in order
  • Kitchen: Wash dishes and sink. Keep counters and tables free of clutter. Sweep or
        mop the floor if needed
  • Bathroom: Wash sink and toilet. Put things in order
  • Living room and other rooms: Put things in order. Give the furniture a light cleaning.
    Sweep, mop, or vacuum the floor if needed
  • All the house: Properly dispose of the garbage

• Weekly House Cleaning Tasks
  • Bedroom: Change bed linen. Sweep, mop, or vacuum the floor if needed. Dust furniture
  • Kitchen: Wash the stove, countertop appliances, and sink fixtures. Mop floor
  • Bathroom: Wash the shower walls and all the fixtures. Clean toilet, cabinet, and other
    surfaces with disinfectant. Change towels. Sweep or mop the floor

• Monthly House Cleaning Tasks
  • Bathroom: Thoroughly wash all the walls
  • All the house: Clean the frames of the doors. Vacuum or thoroughly clean upholstery
  • Garden, courtyard, garage: Sweep and clean if needed. Avoid accumulation of refuse
    or unnecessary items

• Every Six Months - House Cleaning Tasks
  • Bedroom: Clean bedspreads according to manufacturer’s instructions
  • Kitchen: Empty and thoroughly clean the refrigerator
  • Bathroom: Empty and clean shelves and drawers. Dispose of unnecessary or out-of-
    date items
  • All the house: Clean lamps, fans, and light fixtures. Clean the doors. Wash screens,
    windows, and windows frames

• Yearly House Cleaning Tasks
  • Bedroom: Empty and thoroughly clean closets. Dispose of unnecessary items. Wash
    blankets. Vacuum or thoroughly dust the mattresses. Clean pillows according to
    manufacturer’s instructions
  • Kitchen: Empty and thoroughly clean shelves, cupboards, and drawers. Dispose of
    unnecessary items. Move appliances so you can clean the surface or floor underneath
  • All the house: Wash all the walls. Clean upholstery and curtains according to
    manufacturer’s instructions
  • Garage or storage units: Sweep thoroughly. Organize or dispose of unnecessary
Family adopting a House Cleaning Program
Family adopting a house
cleaning program
House Cleaning Expert
House Cleaning Expert
Mom reviewing the House Cleaning Program