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Your kids just ran through the house tracking mud in from the front door
all the way to the bathroom.
Do you let the mess sit there until you are ready
to clean
the entire house or do you jump to it right away and take care of the
mess? The best thing to do is to tend to the mess right away instead of letting it
sit. By letting everything sit until you are doing your major cleaning on Saturday

Many people tend to find themselves in a situation where the house work
is overwhelming.
House cleaning does not have to be all that bad though as
long as you are taking a few simple steps. By being proactive, you will be able to
have a house that is almost self-sufficient and the major home cleaning days will
not be as bad as they normally are. Doing a little bit at a time is a great way to
make sure that you are not overwhelmed when your major cleaning day comes.
No one wants to spend their weekend doing nothing more then cleaning.
Clean All Spills Immediately
When it comes to spills, whether it is in the kitchen or in the child's bedroom, it is
important to make sure that the spills are cleaned up right away.
This is
especially true for spills that land on carpets. Light carpets will stain when spills are
not cleaned up right away. Darker carpets are likely to hide the spill and you could
eventually forget about it all together.

Use A Self Cleaning Oven
Instead of spending hours upon hours cleaning an oven, make sure that you are
investing in a self cleaning oven
. The self cleaning function is easy to use, works
just as well as scrubbing it with a little elbow grease, and will save you an
incredible amount of time.

Clean The Toilet Nightly
Even though you may not find the time to do a huge cleaning of the toilet each
a simple scrub with the toilet bowl brush will do the trick. That will help to
make sure that the bowl itself is clean and not carrying nasty germs.
Clean Sinks After Every Use
Even though it is just a little water and maybe some soap bubbles, a sink that is
not dried after every use will add to the "dirty look" throughout the house. Dry the
sink with a paper towel after every use and you will be surprised at how much of a
difference it makes.

Always Clean Up After Yourself
Make sure that your cups are being washed, your dirty clothes are being placed in
the hamper, and that your shoes are being put away. There is nothing worse then
leaving your personal stuff around the house as it can build up to be a terrible
looking mess within a matter of a couple of days. By taking just a few moments out
of your time to walk a couple of extra steps to put something away, you are saving
yourself from spending the entire weekend doing nothing but house cleaning.        
Cleaning Tip: Use a self cleaning oven
Clean up all spills Immediately...
Cleaning Tip: Clean the sinks after every use...
Clean Spills Immediately - Cleaning Tip
Cleaning Tip - Use self cleanig oven
Self Cleanig Oven Knob
Cleaning Tip: Keep sinks clean after using them