What Are The Most Challenging Rooms To Clean?

Professional home cleaners share their secrets...
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THE three-room apartment is surprisingly neat. The fresh scent of a newly
mopped kitchen floor hangs in the air. The woman of the house is busily
preparing dinner on a stove clean enough to be used as a dinner table. The
furniture, including her refrigerator, is spotless.

HOW pleasant it is to live in clean, uncontaminated surroundings!
However, with the demands on our time, it is ever more difficult to keep our
home clean and orderly.
Is there anything that you can do about the situation?
Yes, keep your home and surroundings clean and neat.

When you are looking to put in some time towards house cleaning, you
may feel as though you are a bit of a loss
. If someone asks you what the
most difficult room to clean is, you may very well say that they are all difficult!
The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of tips out there that can help you,
and by simply taking some time and keeping a few things in mind, you'll find that
doing house cleaner duty can be a lot simpler
1. High traffic = high mess
The more people move in and out of the room, the messier it is going to be, and
the more difficult it is going to be to take care of.
 Your house cleaning efforts
should focus on high traffic areas like the kitchen, the bathroom and the laundry
room, and you should put some effort into making sure that they are well
maintained.  Tell your family that good habits in these areas are essential, and that
they will make house cleaner duty much better.

2. Storage space
Any place where we put things away is a place that is going to be difficult to
 Lots of people find that they throw things into a closet or an attic, only to
realize that cleaning up this space and organizing it is a huge pain.  While it is a
challenge, you'll find that you are going to need to think about how to get things
organized, picked up, and put away.

3. Germ central?
When you are looking at the places in your home that might be breeding germs,
you'll find that your kitchen comes out disturbingly high.
 From the sponge that
you use to wash your dishes to your sink to the surfaces of your refrigerator, you'll
find that you are dealing with germs of every kind.  Also make sure that you
consider your bathtub, as the soap scum can be a breeding ground for bacteria.
4. Living germ free
When you want to make sure that you do not have to deal with germs in your
home, take some time to do a weekly scrub of bathtubs and a daily scrub of your
 Always clean up any food that might leave bacteria on the surface that they
touch and consider what you need to do to make sure that you clean regularly.  At
the end of the day, when you want house cleaner duty to be a little less tiresome,
consider what you can do to stick to a schedule.

5. Clean your oven
When you want to clean your oven, take a small glass bowl and pour in about half a
cup of full strength ammonia.  Put it in the oven and close the door.  Wait twelve to
twenty four hours and then wipe away the grease and the debris with a paper towel
or a newspaper.  You may find that soap filled steel wool might be necessary to
pull some of the caked on food off.  Afterwards, just rise it down with warm and
soapy water.
Your Kitchen will not be a challenge to clean if you
have a cleaning schedule
Clean Storage Areas
Storage Areas in your home are difficult to clean
Kitchens are a challenge to clean
Avoid Germs - House Cleaning
Avoid germs in the kitchen, use a cleaning schedule