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How Your House Cleaning Activities Can Help improve The Air Quality
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Concern for fuel economy have led to changes in construction techniques and
building design to prevent the loss of temperature - controlled air from buildings
and homes. Airtight structures keep air inside, but they also prevent the flow of
fresh air from the outside. Research by the Environment Protection Agency
(EPA) has determined that our indoor environment has two to five times more
pollutants than the outside air.

The quality of our indoor air has become more important to us in recent years in
that the average American spends over 20 hours a day inside a closed
structure. We spend over 90 percent of our lives indoors. Heightened consumer
awareness has placed an emphasis on improving the quality of our indoor
Our house Cleaning activities need to adapt to our changing environment.
For instance:

Carpet Cleaning plays a vital, positive role in indoor air quality. It acts as an
environmental filter. Trapping and holding impurities from the air we breathe. The
EPA and the Carpet Industry findings indicate that with proper ventilation of a new
carpet, the carpet itself does not contribute negatively to indoor air quality. But, the
build up of soil I carpet does. Upholstery fabric also harbors soil and contaminants.
Carpet and upholstery must be cleaned to remove the trapped contaminants before
they overflow and are released back into the indoor air.

For a healthier indoor environment, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and
Restoration Certification recommends these house cleaning activities:

  • Vacuum frequently. A vacuum cleaner with high efficiency filtration bags
    removes soils and bio - contaminants from carpet and upholstery and reduces
    the release of breathable particles into the air. These bags are now available
    for most models of vacuum cleaners at retail stores that carry vacuum cleaners
    and accessories.

  • Periodically have carpet and upholstery professionally cleaned.
    Thorough cleaning removes soil and pollutants to improve air quality.

  • Control the Sources. Entrance mats halt tracked-in soil and contaminates.
    Tobacco smoke, which is trapped in carpet and upholstery fabric, is a major
    source of indoor pollution.

  • Increase fresh air flow. Our ancestors knew what they were doing when they
    opened windows to air out our homes.

  • Clean for Health. Carpet and upholstery fabric hide soil. Don’t just clean for
    appearance when accumulation of soil becomes visible.
carpets must be cleaned often
Pollutants and dirt are trapped in the
fibers of our carpets
Improve the Air Quality of Your Home - House Cleaning Activities
Some House Cleaning activities will
improve the air quality in your home.
quality of your home.