Our Carpet Cleaning team will provide the environment for you to be
able to enjoy the following benefits:
  • You will be able to enjoy your clean carpet again
  • Your carpet will look spotless after cleaning
  • You will always be ready for visitors

Let us take your carpet cleaning tasks off your to-do list.
So that you
can take the time for what matters most - You family and your friends.
Carpet Cleaning Services by:
Jamar Cleaning Inc
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We are here to satisfy all your needs and to make
life around your home more enjoyable!
Five easy ways to tell if your carpet needs professional
If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions, your carpet may need  
professional cleaning ....
Now that you know some of the benefits our carpet cleaning
, Jamar Properties wants to be your carpet cleaner
of choice. Fill out this form and a cleaning specialist will
contact you within 24 hours

    1. Has your carpet lost its color? Is it faded?

    2. Are you spending too much time cleaning your rugs without any noticeable effect?

    3. Is the accumulated dust making your allergies worse?

    4. Are you having difficulties removing your pet's hair from the rugs?
    5. Are you having problems removing your pet's urine spots?

Our Carpet Cleaning Services have the solution to these problems. Carpeting is one of
the most expensive items in your home. In order to clean it and maintain its appearance, it is
necessary to deep clean it……
Enjoy a clean rug
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A Clean Vibrant Carpet
Enjoy a clean carpet
Carpet Cleaning Highlights

  • You carpet will be cleaned thoroughly
    before any deep cleaning tasks.
  • The soiled and stained areas will be pre -
  • Your carpet stains and spots will be
  • Your carpet will be treated for pet odors
  • We will tailor outr service to your needs
  • Your carpet will feel and smell clean
picture of a clean carpet