10 Odd-Ball Cleaning Tips

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THE following are a number of cleaning tips have been helpful to many
. Of course, circumstances differ in each home, so that what may
be a time-saver to one may not help another. However, perhaps you can benefit
from these practical suggestions.

    1. Remove food buildup from stoves. The most effective way to remove
    food buildup on the flat topped stoves is to simply use an inexpensive
    glass scrapper. Use a fresh blade to remove the residue around the heat

    2. Squeeze on Sponges. Sponges are a bacteria’s paradise. They are
    moist and have tiny traces of food embedded in it. Your sponge will no
    longer be a bacteria colony when you put it in the dishwasher before you
    wash a load. Germs do not take kind to the heat.

    3. Wet Work Cleaning Tips. A damp microfiber cloth can clean 90
    percent of most surfaces quickly and safely. Use a damp cloth by itself or
    with diluted dish detergent.
    4. Use Mats to keep dirt out; Start at the entrance. Eighty percent of the
    dirt that comes into your home comes in the bottom of shoes. Placing mats
    and wiping the shoes before entering will remove 80 percent of the dirt.  
    5. Cleaning Apron — Buy or make an apron with large pockets (or use a
    clothespin apron) to carry some of your rags, sponges, etc., or to use for
    stray items you pick up as you clean.

    6. Protect the floor when moving heavy furniture — Slip an old sock or
    mitten over each of the legs (you may have to use string or a rubber band to
    hold them up) so that the legs will not damage the floor and the piece will be
    easier to move.

    7. Energy saver — Alternate hard tasks with easy ones. Start with
    something strenuous, such as mopping and waxing the kitchen floor, and
    then do an easier job, such as sorting dirty clothes or mending. If you have
    been on your feet ironing, try to make the next job one you can do while
    sitting down.

    8. Venetian blind “gloves” — To wash venetian blinds at the window, wear
    a cotton glove or an old sock dipped in a pail of thick suds. Squeeze out the
    excess moisture.
    9. Stain Removal 101. Clean spills immediately. The longer the stain sets,
    the more stubborn it becomes. Use a white clean rag to remove the stain.
    When working with fabrics, always blot – never rub. Rubbing breaks down
    the fibers and weakens the material.

    10. Clean popcorn textures ceilings. Slip three lint roller replacement
    tubes over the metal base of a paint roller. Attach the roller to your extension
    handle and roll the ceiling to remove cobwebs without smearing the
    cobwebs or scattering the popcorn compound everywhere.

Cleanliness Does Make a Difference
Pleasant surroundings have a cheering effect. The favorable comments of others
about our tidy home can likewise be stimulating.
Cleaning Tip #3 will help you keep your sink clean
Cleaning tip # 4 will eliminate the germs from
the sponge in your sink
Find the refrigeratorcleaning tip to keep it clean
Cleaning Tip #4 will help you clean sponges
Cleaning Tip $3 will help you clean your sink