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Hiring someone to do your house cleaning can be a major relief for you
when life has you too busy to get the daily chores done.  Many people struggle
with having too much to do and their homes usually pay the price.  There is no
need to leave your home looking in disarray.  Hiring a house cleaning service
can help make things much easier on you while keeping your home looking in tip
top shape.  Before you hire a cleaning service it helps to understand the house
cleaning factors that will be used to decide how much it will cost to have a
service work for you.

There are ten main factors that will be used when the house cleaning
service decides your house cleaning quote.
 These ten factors include
information about your home and factors involving the cleaning service as well
as the amount of work you expect them to do.
Factor #1: The size of your home.
Obviously, if your home is very large then it will take much longer to clean and involve
more work for the house cleaning service.  You will be charged more if you have a large
home than you would if you had a smaller home.  Some cleaning services will charge by
the number of rooms they have to clean and others may charge by the square foot of
space they have to clean.

Factor #2: How often you want your home cleaned.
If you only want the service to clean once a month then you will be charged less than if
you want them to come every week.  The frequency of cleaning will definitely play a role in
how much the service will cost you.  This is something that you should consider because it
can make a huge difference in how much you spend and it is something you can make
changes to if needed.

Factor #3: How clean your home already is.
A cleaning service will charge you more if it has been a long time since you last did a
thorough cleaning because they will have to do more work to get it into shape.  If you do a
complete cleaning before you have the service do a quote then you can get a much
cheaper rate.

Factor #4: The layout of your home.
Along the same lines as how big your home is, the cleaning service will also see how
many rooms you have and how many floors there is to your home when making their price
quote.  The number of bathrooms is a big factor since they can be time consuming to
clean.  Also if you are having bedrooms cleaned this will be a factor as well and can bring
the price up.

Factor #5: Any special requests or situations you have.
Generally, house cleaning services will be willing to do the basic cleaning chores, like
cleaning floors, dusting and washing windows.  Anything that you request above what they
normally do is considered a special request and you will be charged more for it.  You
should ask upfront what they do so you do not ask anything special to be done if you want
to keep your price low.
Factor #6: Pets in your home.
If you have furry pets that leave fur everywhere then expect to pay more.  Pet fur is very
difficult to clean and it can cause time consuming messes.  Most cleaning service will tack
on extra charges for homes with pets simply because it raises the difficultly level of
cleaning the home.

Factor #7: The Company itself.
The company that you choose will have their set basic rates.  Depending on the
company's experience and the number of employees, rates can vary greatly from
company to company.   That is why getting several house cleaning quotes is a smart idea
if you want to find the best price.

Factor #8: The day of the week the home will be cleaned.
For some people this is no big issue as they will simply go with whatever the cleaning
service prefers.  Some people, though, prefer their home to be cleaned on weekends or
only when they are away on holidays.  Having special requests about what day the service
will come can cost extra money.

Factor #9: Where your home is located.
The cleaning service rates from city to city and even neighborhood to neighborhood can
vary greatly.  This is not something that you can change, but it is something that will have
an effect on your cleaning service quote.

Factor #10: Your negotiating skills.
The last factor of your cleaning service quote will be how good you are at bargaining for
the right price.  With all the information you have about the factors that affect your house
cleaning quote, you should be armed with enough to help you negotiate a good price.  In
the end it comes down to how good you are at getting a fair price.
If your pet sheds hair, it will have an impact on your
house cleaning quote
The size of your home will affect your house cleaning quote
Enjoy a clean home
A small house pays less for cleaning
A large home will pay more for cleaning
Your pet will impact your house cleaning quote
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