Everyone starts and ends their days with a trip to the bathroom. Everyone needs a quiet,
peaceful area in the home in which to get away from it all. Form most, this place is the
bathroom. You might find that your once perfect retreat needs an update.
No matter how
well you maintain it, sooner or later, it will be necessary redesign or remodel your

Let us help you create a "new bathroom" that includes everything you need and fits within
your budget. Whether your are designing or remodeling your existing bathroom, our
bathroom designers can help you visualize and build the perfect bathroom for you.
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Bath Remodeling And Bathroom Design

Turn Your Bathroom Into An Spectacular Experience
bathroom remodel - new floor ceramic tile addded
bathroom design in progress
A bathroom design layout
Ceramic tile updated this bathroom
We offer the following services:

  • Bathroom design
  • Ceramic tile face lift
  • New bathroom sinks
  • New bathroom cabinets
  • New bathroom tubs

Explore your options!. See your bathroom design before any physical work is started.
Create the perfect bathroom retreat by calling our designers at 704-796-1437 or fill out
the attached form...
bathroom design
Let us help you with your remodel your bathroom