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You  have done it!. You have decide to take the plunge and build your dream
custom home.
There are many advantages to building a custom home over buying a
home that is already built before you see it. However, there are countless decisions to
make and questions to answer before your vision can become a reality. After choosing
the location, one of the hardest decision will be whether to build one story or a two story
custom home.

This is something that only you can decide. It mostly depends on your needs at the
time you make the decision. For instance, a single person will have completely different
needs from a family with children.
Items to consider building a one story home – “ranch style”

  • Ranch style homes appeal to families with young children. Keeping the younger
    ones off the stairs is big on the priority list.

  • A one story home is easier to clean.

  • In the event of a fire, ranch style homes are easier to escape because there are
    no second floor windows.

  • Achieving the right temperature in a one story home is easier than in a two story

  • A ranch home requires more land than a two story home.

  • For older adults a ranch style home might accommodate better to their needs.
    Climbing stairs becomes more difficult as we get older.

  • Ranch homes allow the home builder to vary the ceiling heights, making it more
Items to consider building a two story home

  • A two story home is build on a smaller foot print

  • For a custom home builder,  two story homes are easier and cheaper to

  • For families with older children, the stairs might become an advantage. They
    offer greater separation of living areas.

  • Even the inconvenience of going up or down the stairs can be turned into a
    positive by exercise enthusiasts. They consider the trek a form of daily

  • A vacuum cleaner feels a lot heavier when you have to drag it to different

  • Achieving the right temperature in second floor can be a challenge. If the
    thermostat is located in the first floor, the second floor will always be too hot
    or too cold.

  • Two story residents feel safer from the threat of a burglar

I am sure there are many much more items to review if you are facing this decision.
This list is intended to bring out points of discussion for your selection. Deciding to
build a custom home is not for the faint hearted. A Ranch or two Story home? Only
you can decide.
Construction of a one story Custom Home
Final touches on a Custom Home
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