When you hire a Licensed Residential Contractor, you are protected,
the contractor is insured and has met the requirements set by the
State Board of General Contractors.  

At Jamar, Our Licensed General Contractors offer the following
Custom Home
We are the Residential General  Contractor of
choice in Charlotte, NC

Jamar Properties Inc
Building trust and Quality in North Carolina
Don’t risk your money! Get the  right help – Hire a
Licensed Residential Contractor for your next project
Residential General Contractor Picture
built by a Residentail General Contractor
Residential General
Home built by a Residential Contractor
Custom Home Builders: Building a custom home
is the single biggest expense American’s will make
in a life time. You need to trust the builders that will
craft your custom home. Why not get the odds on
your favor by getting the right help – Hire a
Licensed General Contractor. Our residential
contractors will create and integrate style throughout
your custom home. If you are looking for a true
custom home experience with a licensed residential
builder, we’d love to help you build your dream.
House Remodeling Contracting:  If you have a remodeling project in the
future, you need to give yourself the benefit of the Jamar remodeling
experience and creativity. Jamar
designers and builders will work with you
developing your concept and designing your project. You will be get a 3D
drawing of your finished project before construction starts.
perform building and residential projects of all sizes. We are licensed
commercial and residential general contractors in the state of North Carolina   
For the first time, total quality and project management have come together in a
ready to help you with all your project management needs.
If your Remodeling project is important to you, you owe it to yourself to hire a
Licensed Residential Contractor.  

Get the right help. Our
Residential contractors are ready to provide you with a
free estimate
Framing a Custom Home
Custom Home Builders