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Fourth Quarter 2007 - Newsletter
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Conserve water – Drink North Carolina Wine
North Carolina Vineyard
On our most recent trip,  we discovered the North Carolina Wine Industry. We
visited 3 wineries in the Yadkin River valley near Mount Airy – “May Berry” –
the hometown of Andy Griffin.  Our weekend started with a two hour drive from
Concord to Mount Airy.  We stayed at a wonderful bed and breakfast located
in Mount Airy.

I highly recommend staying at the Sobotta Manor Bed & Breakfast.  Their
attention to detail is outstanding. If you are not familiar with the area, their
website,, has a wealth of information from local
restaurants to the wineries in the area.

On Saturday, following a delicious three course breakfast,  we started our
adventure to the vineyards. After a 20 minute drive on I 77 South, we arrived at
Brushy Mountain Winery. This winery is located off I-421. We decided to try
the wine at this location after reading the sign “Conserve water – Drink North
Carolina Wine”.
The vineyards in the area produce a variety of wines, including Chardonnay,
Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Sirah, and Merlot. Most of the wines are priced between
$10 and $30.

For $5.00 you get to taste 5 wines at every location. As a bonus, you get to
keep the nice glass used to taste the wine. I believe I came out ahead with the
wine glass.

The wineries in the Yadkin valley are located close to each other. On a single
day, you can sample the wine from 3 to 4 wineries. At every winery, the people
were very polite.

North Carolina ranks 10th in wine production in the country. As you start
learning about the NC wine industries , you will learn that at one time we were
the first producers of wine in the country. After the prohibition, the whole
industry died.
Now the wine industry is flourishing.
North Carolina Vineyard
North Carolina Vineyard
North Carolina Vineyard
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