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First Quarter 2008 - Newsletter
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The Housing Crisis Arrives in Charlotte, NC
It is here!. the housing crisis came to Charlotte in January, 2008. The impact on
the Charlotte market has been mixed. Home prices have held up well. However,
home building and sales have taken a big dip. The Charlotte Observer reported
the following figures for the local counties:

Building Permits are down compared to 2007:

  • Mecklenberg County                -41%
  • Cabarrus County                      -40%
  • York County                              -46%
  • Union County                            -43%
  • Gaston County                          -24%

Sales of existing houses have dipped by -24%
There is light at the end of the tunnel. The local experts do not expect the local
market to follow the national pattern. The housing crisis in Charlotte will not be as
severe as the rest of the rest of the country..

If you are an property investor,
it is time to invest. It is a buyer’s market. If you
look, you will find  excellent bargains. For instance, last year a starter home, 3
bedroom, 2 baths, could go for $115,000. I have met investors that have bought
bigger homes in the same area for only $78,000. What a nice opportunity…

Opportunities are out there. However, I would be less than honest If I told you that it
is easy. You have to do your homework – find out what other investors are doing.
Join your local Real Estate Investors Association.

Can you make a living investing in Real Estate? Of course you can, However,
you need to remember that Real Estate investing is a long term process. In other
words, if you would like to get started, keep your day job!.
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The number of permits for new
homes has fallen dramatically
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