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March 2007 - Newsletter
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JAMAR NEWSLETTER - MARCH 2007 EDITION Why Live in North Carolina? Over the years, I have met many new friends from all over the globe that decided to make North Carolina their home, This has led to me asking many of them, "Why did you decide to come to North Carolina to live?" Most will answer, "The warm winters away from the horrid snows and bad winters in the North, the beautiful beaches, nice homes with affordable prices, less traffic, lower taxes, better school for the kids, lower cost of living than other states, the beautiful mountains but most of all, the hospitality. We feel that we are finally among friends.
Not only retirees, but young professionals, particularly in the medical field, construction, bilingual professionals and technical areas are finding that many opportunities exist in an economy where the unemployment rate is less than five percent. They have found they can get good jobs and much better housing deals here than in Florida, Texas, California, New York, New Jersey or other southern states.
Yes, North Carolina has it all, whether you like the beach or the mountain, the big cities or the quiet country living, the snow or the heat, we have it all for you to enjoy the life style that you have always dream about. Particularly speaking about the Queen City, the Charlotte observer has published several articles about the many families that are finding in Charlotte the perfect place to grow, live, and retire. Subscribe to Our Monthly Newsletter. Now that you know where you want to be, let us take care of the construction of your dream home, Jamar Houses can offer you the home of your dreams, at an affordable price. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter and receive our promotions right in your inbox, including featuring home plans, discounts, free options and incredible prices. Your complete guide to homeowner and construction. Questions or Comments? Please send us your thoughts to: newsletter@jamarhouses.com
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